Why Does My Voting Ballot Have Identifying Numbers On It? Where Is My Right To Vote On A Secret Ballot?

Someone on social media wrote that you could turn in your voting ballot which was mailed to you and “get a real ballot” on Nov. 8, 2022 in Vermont.

So, for the first time I opened the ballot that was mailed to me, and I was shocked. I was outraged. Where is my right to vote on a secret ballot?

The ballot which was mailed to me has two different numbers on it, I will upload one of them here which is under a QR code scanner. The QR code scanner might hold all of my private information on it. Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos, who is retiring in January 2023, might be selling all of the voting data, for example to political polling businesses. If he is selling all of our personal information and voting records, where does the money get deposited?

The purpose of secret ballots is to not have undue influence and manipulation in casting a vote. If Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos sells your voting choices
for this November, 8, 2022 election, then in the future you may become the victim of
bribery, blackmail, scare tactics, and other means of unfair voter intimidation and manipulation.

We should expect the fundamental right for voters in Vermont to vote by secret ballot
in all elections.

I think that it is time to demand that this election be called off for fraud.
As I wrote here before at https://www.ibrattleboro.com I did file a complaint with the Federal Election Commission in September and my complaint was accepted as valid, and then I was allowed to file a supplement to my complaint in October, and then I was allowed to file a second supplement to my complaint in the first week of November.
I really do not want to have to file another on Monday Nov. 7, 2022 but this looks really wrong to me.

It just appears wrong to me to have numbered ballots with QR scanner codes that I suspect mean that Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos is collecting all of our personal information, including our address obviously because these ballots were mailed to us, and along with the frightening news that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul was attacked with a hammer in his home, I really don’t like the idea that if Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos can use the QR code scanner and the number under it along with the other number printed on both sides of the ballot, to identify exactly who I voted for and where I live, and once Jim Condos has collected all of this information on a portable drive that he could take with him when he leaves office, that’s when the problems could begin if he is so unethical.

My name is Vermont registered voter Cris Ericson and I object to numbered coded ballots.

If you agree, or disagree, email me, because I have to decide whether or not to file another complaint with the Federal Election Commission, if this even comes under their jurisdiction. Is this illegal? Is there some loophole I don’t know about? Should I just file one of those online F.B.I. white collar fraud reports?
Please let me know what you think, and if you are disgusted. crisericson@yahoo.com
Or leave a public comment here.

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