Brattleboro Skatepark Back in Action

The Brattleboro Skatepark committee is having a fundraiser on Tuesday, December 6th at 5pm at Elliot Street Fish & Chips. We are busy working to push us over the top so we can put the shovel in the ground and get kids skating in Brattleboro at Living Memorial Park. Please tell your family, friends, etc…to come out and support the skatepark. Fun times!

60% of the evenings proceeds will go toward the construction of the Brattleboro Skatepark.

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  • neat

    Nice to see some activity in this direction.

    FYI: Skatepark will be mentioned in upcoming town budget discussions, most likely. Someone might want to participate and pay attention. Town won’t be giving any money, but projects and priorities are set and it always helps to have an advocate in the room if something is important. Watch for meetings on capital projects and the Rec & Parks dept. especially.

    Marketing note to ESF,C&M: you could call your community benefit nights “Chipping In” or Fish & Chipping In” : )

    • Town won't be giving any money

      There is reason think the park will be successful in terms of usage, but possibly bringing some revenue??

      In any case, who is responsible for upkeep, including any indemnification requirements over time…?

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