New Brattleboro Skatepark Promotional Video and Crowdsourcing link – Donating Made Easy!

The Living Memorial Skatepark has its ACT 250 permit and is ready to hopefully break ground in 2017. We just need more contributions. Please donate to this important cause for recreation and youth in Brattleboro. A skate park would be a tremendous asset to our town and region!!

Here is the link to watch the new video and DONATE!

 Additionally, Here is a great story with further information about our progress from BCTV recently!

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  • Send a message with 11

    Maybe folks that were opposed to Crowell could add 11 cents (kinda like the l’s in Crowell) to the end of their donations to mark them as a goodwill offering.

    Instead of $50, donate $50.11.

    • Not going to touch this one

      Not going to touch this one with the possible two, dueling, double Hockey stick L’s symbolism to be attached for group recognition Chris, considering what we all had gone through in the past, the names on the check and should hopefully suffice and be accepted for my 11 cents worth of opinion.

      You may be surprised to know how many of the main original players opposed to the Crowell Park site for good reason ( I will say whose scrutiny and participation in the process once lacking contributed to it’s arrival at the present ULMP site and in doing so found a better location/selection in all respects as determined by the SSSC) have contributed already or plan to in greater amounts than you mentioned now that the act 250 conditional use was approved and the site has a given go ahead.
      It’s all good news and congratulations to BASIC and our community as a whole.

      • just drawing attention to renewed fundraising

        Very true. I was just trying to add a bit of attention here to remind people.

        Good video, too. I wonder who made it?

        • Just hit a deep vestigial

          Just struck a deep vestigial nerve, that’s all especially hearing the same old mantra that goes on to this day seeing our efforts only as a deterrent as if we had not already extended ourselves (goodwill in seeking resolution) in any way for this cause before. The skate park will be welcome addition to LMP and they are inviting skate park feature design ideas to upcoming forums I think.

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