Harris Hill Ski Jump – Saturday, February 19, 2022 – Results, Highlights and Quotes

Ole Kristian Baarset Norway winning jump PepsiChallenge 2022 PHOTO Dana Sprague


Pepsi Challenge and US Cup Competition

Saturday, February 19, 2022 – Results, Highlights and Quotes

The 100th anniversary of the Harris Hill Ski Jumping competition got underway today with the Pepsi Challenge and the US Cup competition. With blustery temperatures in the 20s and snow qualls throughout the day, the weather delayed jumping by two hours. However, the record crowd was committed to staying at the hill to cheer on the 40+ ladies and men who jumped at the iconic 90 meter ski jump in Brattleboro, Vermont.

The biggest jump of the day came at the very end of competition by Norwegian Ole Kristain Baarset who jumped 101.5 meters in his second jump. Today was Baarset’s first time ever jumping at Harris Hill and his first trip ever to the United States. The current Harris Hill record is held by Slovenian Blaz Plavic who jumped 104 meters in 2017.


“I’m impressed. The turnout today has been phenomenal. Given all of the weather cycles,  waiting and having to touch up the hill, the spectators’ commitment to this jump and the athletes has just been amazing,” said Sandy Harris, daughter of Harris Hill Ski Jump founder Fred Harris.

“I love Harris Hill,” said Baarset. “It reminds me of some of my favorite hills in Norway. I love the way you go off the jump. It’s a really fun hill.”


* Full results can be found in the Press Box

Women U16

1. Ella Wilson (USA)

2. Eva Minotto (USA)

3. Hailey Brabec (USA)


Men U16

1. Isak Nichols (USA)

2. Sawyer Graves (USA)

3. Nathan Krotz (USA)


Women U20 (US Cup)

  1. Kai McKinnon (USA)

  2. Anna Zigman (USA)

  3. Estella Hassrick (USA)


Men U20 (US Cup)

  1. Thomas Miller (USA)

  2. Ronen Woods (USA)

  3. Angelo Goodwin (USA)



  1. Cooper Dodds (USA)

  2. Chris Lamb (USA)

  3. Colin Delaney (USA)


Open Class

  1. Ole Kristian Barset (NOR)

  2. Anders Ladehaug (NOR)

  3. Hunter Gibson (USA)


Jumping continues Harris Hill Ski Jump tomorrow with the Fred Harris Memorial Tournament. Gates open at 10 am with the opening ceremonies at 11:30, followed by jumping.

Stay up to date at HarrisHillSkiJump.com, on Facebook and Instagram @HarrisHillSkiJump, and on Twitter @HarrisHillSkiVT.



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Photo by Dana Sprague

Melissa Gullotti

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  • The window of cold enough

    Brattleboro was extremely lucky this year to get the tiny bit of cold-enough weather to make this happen successfully.

    If it had been scheduled a day or two earlier, or a day or two later, the temps would be near 50.

    Remember the year they first tried out the snow making equipment borrowed from Mt Snow? Wasn’t that long ago. Now it is almost expected.

    Might be wise to aim to move this event in January if possible, to try to hang on to guaranteed cold temperatures for another decade.

    Anyhow, phew! That was a close one, but the weather came through for everyone.

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