Harris Hill Ski Jump – Sunday, February 20, 2022 – Results, Highlights and Quotes


Fred Harris Memorial Tournament

Sunday, February 20, 2022 – Results, Highlights and Quotes

The 100th Anniversary of the Harris Hill Ski Jump competition continued today with the annual Fred Harris Memorial Tournament and a fun Target Jump wrapping up the weekend.

The day presented jumpers and fans with much better weather with partly sunny skies, which kept the briskness of the day at bay.

Once again, the biggest jump of the day was by Norwegian Ole Kristain Baarset who jumped 100.5 meters in his second jump. He didn’t beat his jump from yesterday at 101.5 meters, but beat today’s second best jump by two meters, which was put down by his teammate Anders Laudehaug.

The winner of the Fred Harris Memorial Tournament has the opportunity to have their name etched in history. The coveted Winged Ski Trophy is given to the jumper who wins three times. The last retired Winged Ski Trophy went to Slovenian Blaz Pavlic in 2020. Today, the new Fred Harris Winged Trophy was unveiled and Tournament winner Ole Kristian Baarset of Norway took home the win. The new trophy was designed by artist Dave Ernster of Newbury, NH.

Of course, Baarset needs to win two more times before the trophy heads home with him.

The Target jump, which features a painted target on the hill at the 95 meter mark, is a fun contest for the top 15 jumpers from the day’s competition. The jumper closest to the target wins. Today, it was Cooper Dodds (USA) and Ole Kristain Baarset (NOR) who tied and celebrated the fun win together.

Organizers have estimated that the two-day event totaled more than 6,000 spectators.


Anna Zigman of the Minneapolis Ski Club took home first place in the women’s U20 category today; her second podium of the weekend, after taking home second in yesterday’s US Cup competition. “It is my first time jumping here. It was nice that the crowd stayed for the whole time. I’ve been at competitions and a lot of people leave halfway through, but not here.” Zigman will head to Junior Nationals next weekend in Salisbury, Conn.

Brattleboro hometown hero Spencer Knickerbocker, who took third in today’s Master’s class, talked about the weekend and jumping for the first time in two years.  “I just have a huge appreciation for the sport, all the volunteers, all the athletes coming here. It’s just a cool thing to be a part of. And I’m glad I still have some jumps left in me.”


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Women U20 (US Cup)

  1. Anna Zigman (USA)

  2. Kai McKinnon (USA)

  3. Eva Minotto (USA)

Men U20 (US Cup)

  1. Ronen Woods (USA)

  2. Thomas Miller (USA)

  3. Sawyer Graves (USA)


  1. Cooper Dodds (USA)

  2. Chris Lamb (USA)

  3. Spencer Knickerbocker (USA)

Open Class

  1. Ole Kristian Barset (NOR)

  2. Anders Ladehaug (NOR)

  3. Hunter Gibson (USA)

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