‘Tarot as a Metaphysical Tool for Personal Development Not a Parlor Game’

by Patti Newton

For many of us our initial exposure to Tarot Cards and Tarot Readings is one of fortune tellers and carnivals; mysterious, shadowy foretelling of things to come be they pleasant or unpleasant. Those who read Tarot Cards are portrayed in the movies as the person who predicts the future or events that haven’t happened yet.

It is rare to experience Tarot as a metaphysical tool for understanding our life path more deeply, a navigational map for moving forward or the sacred sciences it embraces i.e. numerology, sacred geometry, karmic patterns, 5 element principles and a guide to our Higher or Lower roads of Consciousness and personal development.

I must admit as a more scholarly practitioner of Tarot, I cringe a little in embarrassment of the portrayal of the cliché, Hollywood carny version of this old and mystical Quantum Science. For those who take it a bit more seriously as a metaphysical study, a doorway of intuition, an opportunity for personal transformation it is a powerful, practical tool. It is an inspirational guide to navigate challenging situations, circumstances and the many aspects and considerations of one’s ‘Soul’ journey within the human experience.

There are many who associate the Tarot with occult sciences but don’t realize it’s so much more than that. It is a method of developing our Free Will choices towards the Higher Road of Consciousness or the Lower Shadow Road of Consciousness. Each and every day we are faced with these choices and the decisions that support them. We are the creators of our destiny and future – not the cards – The cards are like a map to indicate where you have been, where you are now and where the path your choices may take you. There is no ‘one future’ that someone can foretell because it is what you align with that will evoke ‘The Probable Future’.

Reading Cards is not about ’impressing’ the individual with our psychic skills or how ‘right’ one can be regarding the future and how it unfolds. It is about working with each person as a unique individual and being sensitive to their life path and the journey they are on. Changing old patterns, evoking positive change and turning over old stones is not always easy or best addressed alone. This is where educated guidance comes in. Readers who are interested and aware of the sensitive nature of what might unfold on the table when the cards are laid out is what makes for a profound experience or ‘reading’. It is a co-creative process we unfold and discuss together.

I hear many clients say they had a reading once or they would like to have one but they are scared to ‘know what’s going to happen’. Disempowering the client with fear – is counter ethical for readers who honor the individual human story rather than try and relate it as ‘truth’ and a future written in stone that cannot be altered. I would find that scary as well – a future laid out before us with no alternative paths – no choices, no left turns, no conscious decisions that allow us to exercise our Free Will!

Traditional Tarot Decks have a particular structure within it – 78 cards in total, 22 cards of the Major Arcana (Greater Mysteries), 56 cards of the Minor Arcana (Lesser Mysteries). The Major Arcana relates to our Soul Journey, Karma or repeat Patterns, potential for self-awareness and the Archetypes of our consciousness (Higher and Lower). The Minor Arcana contains the four suits that govern the aspects of the human experience. The Mind/Intellect, The Emotions, The Physical, and the Energetic.

When we utilize the Tarot System in this manner it is no longer a parlor game, superstition, or entertainment; it becomes a navigational tool of possibility and transformation a ‘map’ that encourages your participation, decisions, choices and perhaps most important – your actions!
I personally do not read predictively as there is a great responsibility in laying out cards on someone’s landscape. Many situations or issues take place in our lives that are sensitive in nature – challenges or difficulties are deeply personal and perhaps painful, that we would like to explore and resolve. This requires deep levels of maturity and diplomacy to ‘read’ the path that has been laid behind us, that has brought us to the present and will then lead us into the future. My intention as a reader and intuitive is to assist in clarifying the best path forward towards good heath, prosperity, well-being, personal freedom and self-empowerment!

Patti Newton has been teaching Metaphysical Classes since 2005 and offers multi-level support for wholistic well-being with Tarot & Oracle Card readings, 4 Pillar Chinese Astrology Charts, Feng Shui, and Bach Flower Essences Remedies.

She has created two original artisan Tarot Decks, ‘The Dreamland Circus Tarot’ and ‘The Gate Keeper Tarot’. The Dreamland Circus Tarot Book is currently being published and will soon be available through the website and in person at the office in West Brattleboro Vt.

Also created and published by Patti Newton two artisan oracle decks ‘The Time Temple Oracle Card Deck’- Wisdom from the Ancient Oaks and their Spirit Guides’, and ‘The Sanctuary Garden Flower Oracle’ Card Deck.

Patti is offering two in -person classes in November ‘Into the Mystic’ Learning the Tarot Level 1 Nov 12, 2022 and ‘Metaphysical Keys to Unlocking your Stellar Self’ with Chinese Astrology and Tarot Archetypes – Nov 13.2022 (Brattleboro VT) See website for details www.silvermoonvt.com
or contact Patti at (802) 254-9600 silvermoona@ymail.com for more info or to register for the classes.
(Pre-registration is required.)

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