Whew !

The temperature reached 130 degrees yesterday in California’s Death Valley.

(The hottest temp on earth since 1913)

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  • Hot summer

    125 I can take, but 130… a bit too much! : )

    I’ve been watching the national weather forecasts for the last couple of months and there are areas of the country that have been hovering around 100 or more for more than 30 days. There are also tropical storms, derechos, fires, and tornados. And fire tornados. (Maybe we’ll see our first fire hurricane in the next decade or so…)

    I don’t know about you, but once it hit the mid-90’s, with high humidity, I couldn’t do much of anything other than slow way down, stop outside chores, etc. I think a week over 100 would be rather unbearable, let alone a month or more.

    Of course, when it hit 130 in Death Valley, I was reaching for a sweatshirt here because it had dropped into the 60’s. That’s about halfway to 130.

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