March Precipitation Report

March precipitation total is 7.88″.  NOAA normal is 3.62″ so we are 218% above average for the month. Yearly precip stands at 15.99″ compared to NOAA average of 10.12″ or 158% of normal.   Normal is a NOAA term which is a 30 year average for the years 1990- 2020.  The average or normal changes every 10 years.  I think of the terms as interchangeable.  NOAA, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or the National Weather Service.  

Snowfall at my location this winter season is 35.1″.  There are no official averages for this area but my average for the past 30 years is about 64″ so we are low even though the moisture is high.

Dealing Rationally With Environmental Apocalypse

Unless you’ve really been living in deep media seclusion, you probably already know the planet is in big trouble. The planet’s troubles, expressed as record heat waves, epic wildfires, prolonged droughts, biblical rainstorms, and erratic weather patterns, have led to all kinds of disruption here below.  Mother Nature isn’t just angry — she’s in crisis.  Which isn’t surprising since humans have been systematically trying to kill her off pretty much since the dawn of mankind.  Clearly she can’t take it anymore.

But elaborate metaphors aside, I’ve been worrying more than usual about the state of the environment and the decline of the natural realm, from the changing climate to the alarming loss of wildlife around the world.  Although it’s easy to forget these things living in Vermont, we do not live in a bubble.

Whew !

The temperature reached 130 degrees yesterday in California’s Death Valley.

(The hottest temp on earth since 1913)

It’s So Hot In Brattleboro…

…Brattleboro chickens are laying omlettes and the cows are giving powdered milk.

It’s day three of the heat wave. The forecast shows 90+ degree days all week until Friday, with heat indexes even higher. As I type this, there is a Heat Advisory, Hazardous Weather Outlook, and Air Quality Alert underway.

Let’s Talk About Weather

As we get this new version of the site running smoothly, we’ll introduce you to some of the new pages and features. Today, let’s talk about the weather.

First of all, you can get a quick glimpse of the basic current conditions by looking in the upper right corner of the site.