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Tuesday’s Select Board meeting and an article in today’s Brattleboro Reformer brought to the surface a major issue with crime, especially in the downtown area. Various Select Board members chimed in both in the meeting and in the press. It rather hurt to see a friend of mine with his picture on the front page this morning given the circumstances.

Tim Wessel is quoted in the Reformer as saying:
“I live downtown and I have to say there’s an increase in the feeling of lawlessness occurring,” he said at Tuesday’s board meeting. “Whether it’s flower pots being overturned, business windows being smashed, unlocked cars being rifled through, or loud cars speeding recklessly through family neighborhoods, a lot of folks have been reaching out to me to say that it feels a little more like the Wild West in Brattleboro, and I agree.”

But, little known to many, actually including some Select Board members, Chief Hardy was a victim of the rapid shift away from Rescue Inc as well and she had no part in that decision that I am aware of.

The $48,000 annually that Rescue paid Brattleboro for dispatch was included in her FY 23 budget as “income” for the Brattleboro Police Department.

Although some in town government can’t seem to figure out why, Rescue will no longer be paying that fee. So, Chief Hardy, even before addressing some real problems, starts FY 23 $48,000 in the hole.

My best to Chief Hardy and her department. I felt it was reasonable to let people know that even the Police Department is experiencing ramifications.

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  • New provider, new fees?

    Golden Cross will have to pay it, right? I don’t recall a discussion of dispatch fees when the contract was signed, though.

  • New provider, new fees?

    I do not think so as, like you, I have seen nothing that states that Golden Cross will be paying any fees for dispatch. Since they are partnering with Brattleboro Fire I would doubt it. The Town would, essentially, be paying itself the fees if that were the case.
    It would be a nice little accounting trick though. Take $48K away from the FD and put it in the dispatch line as income so Chief Hardy at least starts the year with her full budget.
    BTW, the dispatch fees, where they currently come from (planned anyway) and were they currently go (again, planned) are documented in the FY 23 budget.

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