Brattleboro Fire Department EMS Survey “Closed” This Weekend

survey closed

The Brattleboro Fire Department AP Triton Survey was “closed” to anyone who clicked on the link to access it, despite an October 31 deadline for community members taking the survey.

Clicking on the link this weekend led to a screen that said the survey was closed.


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  • A response

    I emailed Fire Chief Howard about this and he replied in an email dated Oct 9, 2022, 12:46 PM

    Thanks for this information, The fire department does not control the survey AP Triton does. Therefore, I was not aware that you could not still submit the survey. I have reached out to Ap Triton to make them aware that folks are unable to submit l, and if they could turn it back on.
    Hope this helps with your concern. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

    Stay well,

  • Working?

    The survey link now appears to be working:

  • Update

    If you are not a Brattleboro resident, you can still take the survey; the first question asks if you are resident or not. Encourage your neighbors to take the survey.

    You may have heard the survey link was not working due to a “glitch.” It is now working again

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