Brattleboro Fire Department Warns Incoming Potential of Inclement Weather

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Date: ___12/21/22______

Topic: ___Incoming Potential of Inclement Weather __

The weather forecast for Thursday night into Saturday morning is for our area to potentially receive 23 inches of rain along with southwest winds from 2030 miles per hour(mph) and gusts 60 to 70 mph. At the conclusion of this weather event, temperatures are expected to drop into the low teens.

The Brattleboro Fire Department and Department of Public Works are monitoring the weather closely and preparing for fallen trees, downed wires, extended power outages, streams to rise out of their banks, and icing on roadways.

It is important to remember to treat all downed power, telephone, and television cable lines as being live. Stay a safe distance away from any line and call 911 to report the incident. In the event you lose power, please use precautions with candles, generators, or any other portable lighting and heating equipment. Remember to make sure the generator is outside, and the exhaust is directed away from any building. Always have a working smoke and carbon monoxide detection on each level of your home.

With the potential for snow melt in the higher elevations that could cause flooding in the prone areas please be vigilant on the roads. In the event you come across a flooded roadway, do not drive through it, stay away, and select an alternate route. With the temperatures being predicted to drop quickly we can expect to encounter icing on the roadways and sidewalks as well. Plan to give yourself extra travel time if you have to go out.

The Brattleboro Fire Department along with the Department of Public works will be meeting daily to evaluate our preparedness and necessary response. We will continually monitor the forecasts and if any further details need to be shared, we will post a press release and place it on all the town websites.

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