Citizens Police Communications Committee ( CPCC ) Meeting Agenda

Citizens Police Communications Committee ( CPCC )
July 26th , 2023 5:30pm 6:30pm

Brooks Memorial Library

Mezzanine Level Meeting Room


1.) Call to Order and Review Minutes from June 28th meeting and approve.

2.)Discuss Complaints and Compliments from June 28th 2023 meeting any additional questions from last months review of Complaints and Compliments to determine final or continued decisions.

Go over any New Complaints and Compliments from BPD.
Discussion with Committee with next steps with New Complaints and Compliments and Old Complaints and Compliments if needed.
Other Topics and plans for next month’s meeting for August 23rd 2023 meeting.
Adjourn till month August 23rd 2023 5:30pm.

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  • That community safety review is going well

    This is still a thing? : )

    Wasn’t dissolving this committee was suggested back during the community safety review that everyone seems to have forgotten about?

    But, we can’t even get rid of Weigher of Coal 100 years after the position was no longer needed, so… long live the CPCC! : )

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