Brattleboro Storm Damage

Early this evening a thunder storm came through Brattleboro, with heavy rains, lighting and wind. The storm affected the Western Ave corridor and Maple Street corridor. The damage consists of trees and power lines down, and minor road damage. The Green Mountain Power South Substation is currrently down. This affects power to residents on Canal Street, Fairview Street, Maple Street to Western Ave and West Brattleboro, this is affecting 2600 residents. Green Mountain Power has crews working on the issue along with replacing a broken utility pole on Maple Street.

The Department of Public Works has multiple crews working to clear roads and will have all roads reopened this evening.

It is important to treat all powerlines as if they are live and dangerous. If you are using a generator for power supply,make sure it is outside and is vented away from your home.

The Brattleboro Fire Department was busy with 7 weather related emergencies and 2 medical emergencies in a 1 1/2 hour period.

Be prepared for more potential storms this evening.

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