Brattleboro DPW – Downtown Water Leak

Yesterday large water leak in Downtown Brattleboro caused a considerable amountof damage to sidewalk and traffic island at the intersection of Main Street and High Street. Water service and electrical power were turned off for several hours until Utilities Crews contained the leak. The Utilities Crew finished the emergency repair around three o’clock this morning.

The crew discovered a broken sprinkler valve to 167 Main Street was the cause of the leak. The Utilities Division estimates approximately 160,000 gallons of water was discharge from the broken sprinkler valve.

Today, the Utilities Crew will be removing the undermined, damaged sidewalk and filling in with gravel. As weather permits, a thin coat of asphalt will be installed over the gravel until sidewalk can be permanently restored in the spring.

One of the water main control valves broke yesterday during the shutdown causing a small leak. The leak is causing an ice condition at the intersection of Main and High Street. Highway Crews will continue to monitor and salt the area until Utilities Crews are able to complete the repairs.

The Utilities Crew will work the remainder of this week and into next week make the sidewalk and water leak repairs.

Any questions or concerns, contact Director of Public Works Stephen Barrett or call 802-254-4255

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