Brattleboro Road Status Reports Online

Recent heavy rainfall has resulted in widespread minor to moderate damage to town roadways. Currently, all roads are passable. In the event of road closures due to future rain, up to date closures can be viewed at Crews will be completing assessments, prioritizing, and making repairs in the coming days. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Department of Public Works at 802-254-4255.

Brattleboro Fire Department – Excessive Rain in July

During the week of July 3rd, the Town of Brattleboro began to receive information regarding multiple strong storm cells entering Vermont during the weekend. Further information collected from the Vermont Emergency Management and information from the National Weather Service indicated a strong possibility for localized flooding throughout the State of Vermont with a heightened focus on counties north of Windham County for the evening hours of July 9, 2023, through July 11, 2023.

The Town of Brattleboro began to prepare for an emergency response to these weather conditions with a strong focus on the Brattleboro Fire Department and Department of Public Works to marginalize any water-related events.

The Town of Brattleboro has been very fortunate compared to some of our neighboring communities in both Vermont and New Hampshire. Currently, the following roads have been impacted the most by the weather conditions:
– Mountain Home Trailer Park (Tri-Park)
– Ames Hill
– Marlboro Road
– George F. Miller Drive

King Tide at Miami Beach

With tides higher than they have been in decades, many of south Florida’s drainage systems and seawalls are no longer sufficient. Here’s a photo of a King tide at a residential neighborhood in Miami Beach. Some of those cars are “toast”.

Miami has the most to lose in terms of financial assets of any coastal city in the world, just above Guangzhou, China and New York City.

Selectboard Meeting Notes: Fill Out Your Fast Internet Survey

brattleboro selectboard feb 2020

The Brattleboro Selectboard heard about planning for one or more possible communications districts at their regular Tuesday meeting. Fiber might be coming to southern Vermont, depending on the results of a new survey everyone is encouraged to fill out and how applicable those results are to a business plan.

The Hazard Mitigation Plan was reviewed, liquor violators questioned, and reports given on a recent town governing day at the state level.

Brattleboro DPW – Downtown Water Leak

Yesterday large water leak in Downtown Brattleboro caused a considerable amountof damage to sidewalk and traffic island at the intersection of Main Street and High Street. Water service and electrical power were turned off for several hours until Utilities Crews contained the leak. The Utilities Crew finished the emergency repair around three o’clock this morning.

The crew discovered a broken sprinkler valve to 167 Main Street was the cause of the leak. The Utilities Division estimates approximately 160,000 gallons of water was discharge from the broken sprinkler valve.

Brattleboro Flooding

At 12:49p we received a report that there was a large ice jam on the Whetstone Brook near Village Drive and that water was coming into the trailer park. It was determined that an ice jam, approximately 200 yards in length, was diverting the water out of the brook. Eleven homes along Village & Edgewood Drives were evacuated. There were concerns that if the ice jam dislodged it would cause a dangerous, sudden increase in the water levels downstream and for this reason we did a precautionary evacuation of Glen St and Melrose Terrace.