Noticed Around Brattleboro – Spring 2020

I almost forgot that we needed a new “Noticed” for the new season. This should be an interesting one. I expect some of these observations to change as time goes on.

I noticed some people at St Michaels’ today loading up a truck. Looked like volunteers working to make some deliveries.

True Value hardware is letting people order things outside and they’ll go in and get ’em for you.

Staples appears to be open. Not sure why. They have delivery options.

I saw some robins flying about.

There was almost zero traffic at the Exit 3 circle at 5pm last Friday. Typically the rush hour crush causes lines of cars to form.

Seeing more neighbors out walking about, and maintaining distance, than ever before.

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  • I noticed...

    The red-wing blackbirds have returned. Their call sounds like a dot matrix printer’s carriage-return. Well, it sounds like that to me!

    My crocus in the front yard have come up. They might be grouchy under all that snow, though.

    When I took my trash out at 8am today, only one car drove by on my busy street. Usually, rush hour is pretty intense on my road. Well, intense for around here.

    My forsythia is *just* starting to bud.

    When I need a sanity break and want to get out of the house, I drive over to the marina and look at the afternoon sun dancing on the ripples of the water. It’s beautiful. And, if you kinda zone out, it’s pretty psychedelic, too.

  • Also

    Gas prices under $2 a gallon in some places…

    More people riding bikes and out for walks than usual.

    Much less traffic on the streets.

  • Noticed

    Last bit of snow melted in front yard.

    Saw first robin today

    Woke up to a bird chirping

    Crocus out. Daffodils just coming out of the ground

    People out raking and cleaning up yards.

    Lots more walkers and less traffic.

    Someone shared this “Spring Came” and it could look like how Spring comes slowly to Vermont even though it was not filmed here :

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