Noticed Around Brattleboro – Summer 2021

It’s the summer 2021 edition of “Noticed Around Brattleboro” – your seasonal catch-all for little things not worthy of a full story but certainly worthy of making note of for the history books.

• Exit 2 I-91 bridge work is ongoing. Looks like a new surface for the upper level.

• Hermit Thrush Brewery has a sign up where Silver Moon used to be.

What have you noticed?

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  • Coffee

    Not sure when this happened but there’s some sort of coffee place across from Wells Fountain.

    Coffee 15 or something like that?

  • Nothing says "circus" more than a circus tent

    A beautiful circus tent at the circus school on Putney Rd. It’s perfect. I hope to see it every summer from now on.

  • Signs

    Brattleboro Tire has a new sign…

  • Orientation

    I saw Patrick Moreland walking around sharing coffee with the new police chief on day 1 of her new job. They seemed to be having a good time on a nice morning.

  • Rainy & Smokey

    About a foot of rain in July this year. Plus occasional days of smoke from Canada/West Coast.

  • More...

    The Strolling of the Heifers sign is down at the River Garden. It has been replaced by a “Marketplace” sign.

    There’s a new place called, uh…um… Poke Bowl? Down near Shin La.

    There’s a new art gallery called.. um, uh… Blass Bidet? On the corner of Elliot and Main, where the candy shop that never really got going used to be located.

  • New WVEW sign

    Is this shameless self-promotion? WVEW has a new and nifty sign in the window of our studios overlooking Main Street. It’s GREEN NEON! Next time you’re standing in front of the Brooks House, look up. It’s quite pretty, especially at night.

  • New construction at Vermont Country Deli

    Additions being made on the rear of the upper floor.
    Maybe more kitchen/storage space?

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