Noticed Around Brattleboro – Summer 2021

It’s the summer 2021 edition of “Noticed Around Brattleboro” – your seasonal catch-all for little things not worthy of a full story but certainly worthy of making note of for the history books.

• Exit 2 I-91 bridge work is ongoing. Looks like a new surface for the upper level.

• Hermit Thrush Brewery has a sign up where Silver Moon used to be.

What have you noticed?

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  • Coffee

    Not sure when this happened but there’s some sort of coffee place across from Wells Fountain.

    Coffee 15 or something like that?

  • Nothing says "circus" more than a circus tent

    A beautiful circus tent at the circus school on Putney Rd. It’s perfect. I hope to see it every summer from now on.

  • Signs

    Brattleboro Tire has a new sign…

  • Orientation

    I saw Patrick Moreland walking around sharing coffee with the new police chief on day 1 of her new job. They seemed to be having a good time on a nice morning.

  • Rainy & Smokey

    About a foot of rain in July this year. Plus occasional days of smoke from Canada/West Coast.

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