Noticed Around Brattleboro – Fall 2021

The continuing thread for the little things that are worthy of noting, but maybe not worth writing a full paragraph to explain.  What have you noticed around Brattleboro this fall?

  • Construction at Amy’s – the former bakery space is getting a makeover.
  • The marketplace (the billionaire’s, not the beer one…) is getting some parking lot improvements.

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  • Seen

    That new mural in High Grove parking lot is nice….

    Brown paper in the windows of the vinyl records store on Main Street…

    Looks like there might be another store starting up near there, too… hard to tell but another window seems a bit like “coming soon”

  • Boomeranging

    Boomerang has moved around the corner is again on Main Street, this time where Ruggles & Hunt just vacated.

    First week in November was the first frost this year.

    • Margrave

      There’s more to this, it turns out. I was wondering why they’d up and move from a pretty good, established location, especially since they have one of the few “artistic” sidewalks created in town out front.

      The margrave of Guilford with the Viking theme park bought their building and Boomerang was, it seems, forced out, despite a long lease.

  • Country Kitchen

    The last time I was out in West Brattleboro I noticed work was being done on the old Country Kitchen building. They were working on the roof.

  • New businesses

    Z Pots and Stationhaus seem to be the new store windows not far from the River Garden.

  • Lack of winterizing

    We’re getting near the end of December, and the Retreat Meadows isn’t fully frozen. No ice huts.

    Also saw that the Wells Fountain had been vandalized, then cleaned up.

    Also noticed that the used conga drums sitting at the “We Buy Gold” place have been sold. Beat me to it! : )

  • New Year's Fireworks Fog

    We did the usual and went to our regular location for New Year’s fireworks in Brattleboro, near the Retreat and Rt 30.

    We could hear them going off, but couldn’t see a thing. The fog was so thick that we couldn’t even see the fog light up with flashes and colors. Just dark, foggy, and loud explosion sounds. It was like listening to fireworks on a sound effects loop.

    Even the explosive finale, which sounded impressive, barely registered. I think at the height of it I saw one or two faint glows.

    Could anyone see them? If so, how close were you?

    Usually we bundle up and are freezing as we watch. Not this year. I didn’t even need a coat.

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