Noticed Around Brattleboro – Summer 2022

What have you noticed around Brattleboro recently? The little things that aren’t worthy of a full story, but caught your eye?

  • NECCA circus tent is back up. It’s been up for a couple of weeks now, and again I say that this really marks the location well. Nothing like a circus tent to say “circus!”
  • Brooks Memorial Library has their new tool-sharing shed and sign up, located between the library and the municipal center.

Make me proud… add some observations, please.

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  • New Vegan Restaurant!

    There’s an upcoming vegan restaurant on Canal St., Vegan AF, in the location of the former 3 Stones Restaurant.

  • Old house torn down

    House just downhill from Havilands Garage gone. Adjoining houses got themselves some sunshine.

  • Naked and bloody

    Ivan Hennessy protested the Roe v Wade decision, disrupting the 4th of July parade.

  • Fireside True Value

    Fireside True Value is closing. They have signs up for a Everything Must Go Sale.

  • Something downtown?

    Is that some new restaurant/bar/store on Main ST in the Brooks House? Something looked different as I drove by, but I had to watch the road.

    • Sports memorabilia

      It’s a store to sell sports-related items.

      Also noticed:

      – I saw my first Golden Cross ambulance in town, parked at the fire station.
      – Work on RT 30 had begun. You can see new center points marked, and pre-paving improvements have begun.

  • Old WW

    The old WW building in Newfane is being demolished.

  • Dry Flowers

    My flower garden bloomed and dried out in the heat. It looks mid-September old already.

  • The number 3 returns to the pump

    Gas prices have dipped below $4…

    Also, cool “tape art” temporarily around town, replicating lost Afghani artworks.

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