Noticed Around Brattleboro – Summer 2023

Add the little things that you’ve seen in and around Brattleboro. Nothing is too small to be mentioned here!

  • Doesn’t quite seem the same without Top of the Hill… but The Porch seems to be getting some extra business.

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  • Haven't been here in a bit...

    …and it seems that there are more vroom vroom cars that drive laps around town than there were a couple of years ago. Is it just me?

    Also: Burton’s (closed) car wash and the Flamingo Diner on Canal Street are getting demolished and a new car wash put in, or so I read in the Reformer.

  • Hi D.

    I think you are right that the loud, crackling muffler sounds are back in fashion this year.

    Estey Organ Company buildings are/will be for sale.

  • de-evolution

    Not sure what to make of this but Devo’s ‘Whip It’ was playing in the supermarket today, as gentle background shopping music:

    “When a problem comes along you must whip it
    Before the cream sits out too long you must whip it
    When something’s going wrong you must whip it

    Now whip it into shape
    Shape it up
    Get straight
    Go forward
    Move ahead
    Try to detect it
    It’s not too late to whip it
    Whip it good”

    Do you have a rewards card?

  • Someone should mention...

    …the epic July 9-10 rainfall in Vermont, totally flooding lots of our northern neighbors and filling our streams. : )

    • I have been out and about over the last few days. We f

      I have been out and about over the last few days. We fared quite well, for the most part. Brattleboro, Dummerston , Newfane… a few issues here and there.

      The West River is up pretty high with muddy water. At the peak of the storm, some of RT 30 had water across it near the horse fields and River Bend Market. The West River in these parts is roaring and levels are high. Rock River was way up but is back to normal-ish levels for now.

      West River down at Retreat Meadows is also very high levels.

      And, there is lots of rain in the forecast. : (

  • Newfane cannabis

    Ricks Tavern is in the process of being converted into a cannabis dispensary and place to get some food.

    I stopped by and ask the guys about their plans. They are keeping the Tavern Bar to sell cannabis from, will have incentives and fun stuff, and hope to open a small restaurant (pizzas, etc…) after they get going. Food will not be infused.

  • bits and pieces

    High & Green facade looks good.

    Municipal Center steps being re-positioned.

    New print shop coming – across from the steps being repaired.

  • Print Shop?

    Thanks for noticing this, Chris! I – and many others – are in a state of depression since Lotus Graphics’ self-service is no longer available. The system at Staples is no solution.

  • Solar

    WW Building Supply in Newfane is getting spiffy new solar panels on the lumber sheds.

  • Harmony Lot

    Amazing pinball museum next to Hatchspace in Harmony Lot.

    WVEW will have an accessible ADA-ok space near there soon, too! Members just voted move.

  • Hooray!

    I heard rumors about this. There are so few places downtown that are ADA. Go WVEW!

  • Get rid of dirt

    Rt 30 – spray on road is completed the entire remaining length. Not ideal driving, but also not dirt.

  • Rt 30

    Rode the Motor bike the length of construction this morning for the first time in a month or more. Road is still gravel from a little north of Stickney Brook Rd to the Newfane end. It is well graded, compacted and I read, stabilized with emulsified asphalt and cement, but still gravel. In places the stabilization is not holding up and there is raveling and pot holes starting to form. It was a rough ride down the final hill into Newfane. The project must be well behind schedule if the plan is to finish this year. On the south end a crew is removing the old guardrail and replacing with all new posts and rail. There is a big stack of new material at one of the pull offs. This is after removing and resetting the old once already.

    • the northern end

      You are brave!

      I was out there today and noticed paving is starting to happen between the Stickney Brook bridge and the convenient mart (also under rehab), working its way to the Dummerston covered bridge.

      • almost there...

        The base coat is nearing the Newfane end of things. As of this moment, they are roughly at the school and getting ready to do the hill in the next day or so, I’d guess.

        I’ve been thinking about the new guardrails they are installing at the Brattleboro end and wondering why they didn’t install them in the spring when they did the ‘remove, move over a foot, replace’ routine. Material delays? Seems like doing (and paying for) the same work twice.

        Convenient mart has new pumps and is re-opened.

        WCHS’s extension is looking nice. Pretty sure the roof is on or almost there.

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