Wealth Inequality Worse Than We Thought

It’s not everyday that a video about wealth inequality goes viral on the internet.  Most people on iBrattleboro are probably familiar with the information here, but this video uses powerful infographics to make the case that not only is wealth distributed unevenly, but it is much, much worse than most of us have thought.

Wealth Inequality in America

A couple of thoughts come to my mind while watching this video:

1)  The authors could have gone one step further and shown how these inequalities have been changing over time.

2)  Isn’t this information interesting in light of the ferocity of Congressional Republicans’ refusal to raise taxes?

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  • record economy!

    The Dow hits an all time high of 14,164.53, while real median household incomes have been dropping since 2007, losing about 8% overall in 5 years.

    Food and fuel costs are up. Taxes are up. Health care costs are up.

    It would be amusing if it weren’t so awful.

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