$12 trillion in banker bailouts, billions more in quantitative easing that now will continue monthly. Constant war and military interventions, yet people keep voting Republican or Democrat as if this is the answer. Our sons and daughters are being sacrificed. FOR WHAT? For freedom and democracy? Do you really think so?

The film below is well-researched and less than 45 minutes long. If you review it on its factual merits versus the propaganda that has been drilled into your head since birth, perhaps an awakening will occur.

As a father, a mother or as a responsible human being, you have a moral obligation to watch this film. Try to prove it wrong, challenge the facts, think, question and debate it. Perhaps you may come to a realization that without a massive and abrupt change in how we think, who we trust and what we believe is going on:

more war, more debt and more lies will continue.

ANSWERS to Questions of Conscience are way overdue from our politicians and mainstream media. Both should be held accountable for perpetuating war crimes that, if anything, are escalating. Stop kidding yourself. This is an assault against humanity. Compare the destruction of the German Constitution, their civil liberties and the protection of the German motherland in the 1930’s, with the dismemberment of our own Constitution, civil liberties, Homeland Security and TSA abuses. And it keeps getting worse with the suppression of public protests, attempts to censor the internet, mega-media mergers, “kill lists”, preemptive invasions and more, What have we allowed ourselves to become?

We also need to think about all the death and financial waste that has occurred to combat terrorist threat levels that are totally manufactured at their worst, or grossly exaggerated at their best. BILLIONS! Let me say that again: BILLIONS of uninspected packages are transported into the US from international terminals every year by air, rail, truck and sea. [1] Domestically, BILLIONS more are distributed throughout the US by air, water, rail and trucks. How much does a bomb weigh? Didn’t some idiot have one in his shoe?

WAKE UP! According to the U.S. State Department’s own records (verify this link quickly – it’s URL address keeps changing) [2] Except for 2001, the incidence of US Citizens dying from terrorist’s attacks is barely measurable. Subtract soldiers and embassy workers from these numbers and they would be almost zero!

This kind of backwards thinking is destroying our country. If you agree with the way things are being run, keep on voting for your favorite Democrat or Republican.

Until we throw all these GAS-BAGS out of office, lesser of evil politics, will be the only politcs left to you, your children and your granchildren.

commentary above by Chris Pratt, Publisher QCmagazine :


“UPS and the art of sorting nearly a million packages a day.”

Total US Citizen Casualties Caused by International Attacks, 1998-2003


WATCH IT NOW >>>>> All Wars Are Banker’s Wars : written by Michael Avero, Video by Zane Henry

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  • where does the buck stop?

    It must be doubly disturbing to Dem’s thinking they placed in office a so-called transparent, honest, and Nobel prize winning guy, just to find the current potus is more interested in his golf handicap and political capital then leading the gas bags in the spirit of the Nobel prize way. Both parties can take blame or blame for lack of action all around, the leader is suppose to unite, do what it takes to adapt and lead us out of the blame game and inaction of both parties. All we get is 24/7 re-cycled campaign rhetoric and resulting crickets from the press, too scared of being black-balled for calling him out on the real issues, but rather carry his water! shame

    • The vagaries of office entrenchment

      There is something to be said for leadership, true, but the reality is your mention of both parties to blame is more on the mark. POTUS come and go, but the turnover in the Congress is largely static and without term limitations the vagaries of office entrenchment keeps real change from happening in any meaningful way.

      • Think Term Limitations

        I should add here that presidential elections, which used to be constitutionally sound, are not used by the 2-party political system as a form of distraction. Each election buildup and election night is similar to the media circus around the Super Bowl or the Oscars. The 2-parties use that as a means to divert people’s attention away from the 535 members of the congress who really make the laws and most decisions that deeply affect Americans. The presidential election is more fluff than leadership. The congress attempts to do whatever it wants to anyway because the entrenched power protocol for lawmaking is too complicated and remote to really capture the short attention span of most Americans.

        This will continue as long as these lawmakers can make a career of being your representatives without being reined in by term limitations. Without term limits they are bound to stray from the people’s interest into the land of perpetual special interests, which serves the few at the expense of the many.

        • I meant to type: "which used

          I meant to type: “which used to be constitutionally sound, are now used by the 2-party political system as a form of distraction.”

      • POTUS come and go

        The plural of POTUS is POTI.

  • 100 year war on terror milking taxpayers

    The issue of the lack of American fatalities from terrorism that Chris mentions is a salient point. The claim that vigilant anti-terrorist protocol is responsible for protecting Americans is somewhat specious. If there are indeed billions of un-scanned packages shipping in and out of this country, all it takes is just one package to do the trick. How can anyone protect Americans against those odds??

    The answer? They can’t.

    The truth is that the war of terror is feeding off of the flag-waving sentiment that dug into the American consciousness following the WTC attacks in 2001. It is true that homeland security can say that we haven’t lost American lives since then, but is it really because of the bloated homeland bureaucracy?

    Probably not. But it is a way to set up a hundred year war on terror with our tax dollars and milk it for everything thing it’s worth…even at the expense of the taxpayers getting very little in return for the use of our money.

    Do enough taxpayers really care? Obviously, not enough of them.

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