Open Letter to Governor Peter Shumlin On The Subject of Economics

Open Letter to Governor Peter Shumlin on the subject of Economy of Vermont


Why doesn’t Vermont have a Medical Marijuana Expo to attract Tourists and bring money into the State like they do in California?

$ $ $ $ $

Wow! We are really missing out! The “Kush Expo” at the  Anaheim Convention Center in Orange County, California
in July 6-7,  2013 is the World’s Largest Medical Marijuana Mega Show.

There will be hundreds of booths and an onsite 420 medicating area.

There will be a 420 girls contest.

You have to be over 18 to enter, and no medical marijuana card is required to enter the Expo.

So, when will Vermont compete?

Is there even ONE medical marijuana booth at any County Fair  event in Vermont? Remember, marijuana is a plant.
There are hundreds of “strains” in many shades of green, blue green, purple green, etc.   There’s a lot to learn about the different effects of different strains of marijuana.   You know that there are different types of tomatoes, you know that there are different types of squash, you know there are different types of beans. It’s time to learn that not all  marijuana plants are the same.

Are growers in states where marijuana is legal, Colorado and Washington, genetically modifying their plants to
make them super potent? Don’t you want to see demonstrations in genetically engineering plants? You know it has already happened to corn and tomatoes.

There will be Medical Marijuana Doctors on site at the Kush Expo in Anaheim, CA. Can you see the faces of the
Vermont Board of Medical Practice turning Green?

Check it out! Be prepared, and be 18 before you click this link:

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