Open Letter to Governor Peter Shumlin

Reach Up? Governor Peter Shumlin is showing hatred towards low income Vermonters in more ways than one!

Give Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin’s administration an F-  for providing an air pollution permit to a  proposed BIOMASS Plant in a residential neighborhood of Springfield, Vermont, a neighborhood of many low income Vermonters.

This is abuse against low income Vemonters!

Peter Shumlin’s administration is trying to kill children in a city with many low income people with ASTHMA.

The State of Vermont will LOSE MONEY over this plant, the cost of asthma cases will increase! Tourism will go DOWN! American Bald Ealges living next door to the plant’s ten stories high tower spewing pollution nearby  Stoughton Pond could die!

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin should be Impeached!

The West, Texas FERTILIZER  PLANT  had a fire
this past week, after the Boston Marathon
bombings, and
volunteer  firemen went to put it out,
but the fire caused the  fertilizer plant to blow up
killing many of the volunteer firemen,
workers and citizens. (14 Dead so far,
investigators are still searching the charred
ruins for bodies.) The neighborhood was
on fire for four blocks around, including a
children’s school.

 The first comment
on the internet stated that it was clearly
unwise to have a FERTILIZER PLANT  in a
residential neighborhood, but the commenter
wasn’t sure if the neighborhood grew up
around the plant after it was built,
being convenient to live next door,
without understanding that any plant
of this type is known to be able to blow up.

I believe it is STUPID to allow the proposed BIOMASS PLANT
 in the residential neighborhood of Springfield, Vermont
or any where in Vermont because of its
low output efficiency of electricity generated
 per tree wiped off the face of the planet.

Did you know that there are 24,000 homeless
war Veterans in the United States?  These trees
in Vermont could be used to make log cabins
for the homeless war Veterans to live in.

The Constitution of the State of Vermont
requires that prisoners work for the public
in view of the public, and they could be
building log cabins for homeless war Veterans,
while Loggers safely take the trees down,
providing them with just as much paid work.
There is a huge Prison in Springfield, VT
and they should be doing work for the public.

Many low income families move to Springfield
to be near their loved ones who are incarcerated.

If marijuana was totally legal, like God intended
it to be (Holy Bible, Genesis), then there would
be no need for a Prison in Springfield, VT.

The prisoners’  families suffer from low self esteem.

The children need all the programs they can
get because many have a combined problem
of living in a low income family and having
the psychological trauma of a family member
being caged like an animal in a zoo,
minus the zoo swimming pool and raw steaks for the Bears.

For each homeless war Veteran, moved into a
log cabin in Vermont, within reach of Springfield
Hospital for health care, their monthly Veterans
paycheck would be spent locally in the community,
and be of far greater benefit to the people of
Springfield and surrounding towns
than a filthy, stinking, polluting, asthma – causing
biomass plant spewing into our air and making
Stoughton Pond – N. Springfield Recreation Area
American Bald Eagles wonder why the State of Vermont
 sold out to some rich guy named Adam Winstanley
who lives in Massachusetts and won’t be
breathing his filthy Biomass Air Pollution himself.

If 500 homeless war Veterans moved from
the cardboard they sleep in on city sidewalks
in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. and New York City,
to Vermont, then 500 homeless war Veterans multiplied
times about $900. disability check would mean
$450,000. a month spent  into the local community stores rather
than polluting the air we breathe, plus their health care
benefits would pay local doctors and pharmacies.

There’s no reason why White River Junction, 50 miles
away from Springfield, Vermont,  should
have a monopoly on Veterans’ Health Care.

Maybe the federal government would give them
“fuel assistance” benefits so the Loggers would
have even more paid  work taking trees and cutting
them into firewood logs for the homeless war
Veterans who are now freezing in the winter months,
forgotten about after their service to our Country.

Please note that my perennial political campaign
address has changed to
Cris Ericson
I live  four miles as
the Hawks fly from the proposed Biomass Plant,
and would be in view of the spewing pollution
from the tower.   The trucks coming and going
from the proposed Biomass Plant would
drive back and forth all day  by my  property
 ( Warranty Deed states I own  20 feet of Rte 103)
 and create noise, pollution and make my  little house  vibrate
on its foundation.
Governor Peter Shumlin’s administration
 is trying to destroy the reasonable habitability of my home
and the surrounding wildlife in a 12 mile radius.
Cris Ericson
879 Church Street (corner of Rte 103)
Chester, Vermont 05143

 From: Snook, Steven [] 
Sent: 4/19/2013 2:49:20 PM
Subject: 2013-04-19 –
 Air Pollution Control Permit issued to NSSEP
 – Noticeto Commenters
 APCD Response Comments on NSSEP
 Draft Air Permit Documents.pdf (294.82 Kb)
 tap11038.pdf (402.39 Kb
) ap11038.pdf (293.68 Kb)   
You are receiving this email because you provided
 the Vermont Air Pollution Control Division
 (VT APCD) your email address
 and you either provided the VT APCD comments
 on the draft air permit for the
 North Springfield Sustainable Energy Project, LLC,
 or you attended the 9/29/2012 public meeting for the draft air permit.

On August 9th, 2012, the VT APCD issued a draft
 Air Pollution Control Construction permit to
 North Springfield Sustainable Energy Project, LLC.

  During the public comment phase of the
 permit development process,
 the VT APCD received numerous comments
 on the draft permit and the technical support document. 

After a thorough review of all the comments received
 the VT APCD has developed responses
 to the written comments,
 and these responses have been compiled
 into a document along with a summary of the comments.

 Note that as a result of the comments
 there have been some changes made
 to the permit and technical support document.
Today, April 19th, 2013, the VT APCD is issuing the
 final Air Pollution Control Permit
 to Construction to North Springfield Sustainable Energy Project, LLC.

  Copies of these documents are attached to this email.
 We will also be making electronic copies of the signed permit,
 technical support document and the Agency’s responses
 to the comments available online at: – there
 may be a delay of a few days before the documents are available on the website.
Steven Snook
Environmental Engineer
Air Pollution Control Division
Davis Building – 2nd Floor
One National Life Drive
Montpelier, VT  05620-3802

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