Hated Fairpoint?

You’re gonna just LO-O-O-O-OVE Consolidated!

My bill just jumped 54% in a month without any rational explanation (I only made 19 calls for a total of 58 minutes for a month – all local.

A small part of the explanation was Federal fees and taxes which went up about a dollar.

The rest???

I tried calling the office but it is closed for the weekend (Fairpoint used to stay open).

Who needs a land line anyhow?

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  • Consolidated Flushing

    I’m interested in names and logos.

    With names, we went from a point that was fair, to “consolidated”. Not an encouraging change of terminology. (Almost as bad as Dead River for energy.) It sounds like a hedge fund buying up companies to build a monopoly.

    The logo, though, seems to sum it up. It looks just like a toilet being flushed, implying money down the drain, service down the drain, and so on.

  • ConCom

    My bill went up $20 a month, no explanation.

    • Great minds

      “ConCom” was my thought too when I saw my first bill from them. Corporate types never think of this stuff but from a PR standpoint, this one is priceless. Another way of looking at it is — at least they’re honest!

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