Santa Fe, Texas Shooting

At least one gunman opened fire at a Houston-area high school Friday, killing eight to 10 people, most of them students, authorities said. It was the nation’s deadliest such attack since the massacre in Florida that gave rise to a campaign by teens for gun control.

This never would have happened if the teachers were all packing.

Right ???

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  • We're so lucky elected officials did nothing meaningfu

    We’re so lucky elected officials did nothing meaningful after the last one!

    But, following your idea about teachers having guns, in this case, a successful teacher defense would have involved him/her shooting one of the pupils at their school. One of the loner kids that wasn’t fitting in and was being bullied, according to one report I saw. I’m not sure I’d want my kid going to that school, nor would I want to be a teacher there.

    I think kids and teachers should join forces and refuse to go to school, forever, until things change.

  • Parenting

    Before 1999, few if any mass type school shootings occurred. Example, it wasn’t uncommon for highschool kids to have rifles in gun racks in the back of their pick-ups in the school parking lot following hunting that morning at day break. It was a different time, seems that once social tinkering sewed the seeds of me-me, participation trophys and simple parental discipline squashed by child abuse fears. Parents gave up and gave into the persent day popular culture rather the parenting. I give home schoolers a lot of credit for getting their kids out of this social experiment. It’s easy to blame the symptoms when the real problem is the core.. parents or the lack of!

  • This week's poll....

    I notice the most popular answer in this week’s poll IGNORES the question. (If it happens here, what will you do?) The leading answer is “that’s a dumb question.”

    But that’s outside of the hypothetical situation presented. If it happens here, the response will be “to do the work so it doesn’t happen here.” ??? How?

  • So far the analysis is showing that firearms need to be

    So far the analysis is showing that firearms need to be taken away from white males under 40. This would be the most effective solution, assuming that firearms are the problem. This is an attractive possibility.

    • age limit

      Not sure that you could limit it to a single race/sex ID but, the age restriction has an appeal. It keeps things legal (2nd amendment) but puts an age of responsibility (like voting/drinking/driving/car rental, etc) on the activity.

      Part of the reason some people don’t want to give up their guns is because of the government still having them. Maybe the government/police should set an example and rid themselves of guns, to bring the proverbial temperature down a bit. (Ha. I’m a funny guy, eh? Authorities giving up weapons… good one.)

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