Merely Expedient

Ya want to hear a conspiracy theory?

19 disaffected Muslim men armed with box cutters and led by a sick Saudi on dialysis in a cave in Afghanistan hijacked 4 commercial planes, flew them around unhindered in any way for an hour or so then crashed them into 2 skyscrapers in New York and the US Pentagon, outwitting the most sophisticated intelligence network in the world.

Ain’t that a knee slapper?

The best explanation for the persistent adoration of the “Official Story” is that people are afraid to think that THEIR GOVERNMENT could commit such a horrible crime. It’s called “Cognitive Dissonance”.

However, to a true Psychopath (of whom there are many in leadership positions, worldwide) such an event is seen as merely expedient, not a crime at all. The end justifies the means.

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  • Real Knowledge

    The only thing that we really know about what happened on 9-11 is that we don’t know what really happened on 9-11:
    Bob Bowman

  • Did You know?

    Remember in the ‘90s the government spent $100,000,000.00 investigating Clinton’s sexual exploits?

    A hundred million dollars!

    The 9/11 Commission at first allocated only three million to investigate the murder of 3,000 people!

    The budget was eventually raised to 14 million but the investigation was also given less time than they had wanted. On March 8, 2003 (441 days after the attacks), the official investigation began.

    The president first named a supporter, Dr. Henry Kissinger, to head the panel. At his confirmation hearing, he was asked: “would you have any Saudi American clients that you would like to tell us about? Any clients by the name of bin Laden?”
    Kissinger stepped down, and was soon replaced by Tom Kean, a former New Jersey Governor, and former congressman Lee Hamilton.

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