The Kids Are Alright!

The Climate Strike. What an incredible outpouring of commitment, community, passion and determination.

Hundreds of people-( some counts are as many as 1000!) many of them elementary and high school students took to the streets to voice their fears and anger about the mess adults have made of this earth and the terrible legacy they are left with.

Watching videos from around the country and the world showing hundreds of thousands of young people stepping up and stepping into a place of power was incredible.

A hundred thousand people stood in the lower east side of New York to hear the magnificent Greta speak. This all began a year ago with her solitary protest in Sweden- she now is meeting with leaders of countries from all over the world; she’s testifying in Congress; speaking to the UN. One young woman inspired a world.

I hope people got to hear the speeches by local students at the event.

For anyone who thinks these kids don’t know what they’re talking about or are just mimicking find a the words of adults- try to find a video of the speeches and then reevaluate what you think you know.

So incredibly proud of these kids. Bravo! Job well done!

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