Support for Brenda Siegel as Our Next Lt Governor

I’m sharing why I am supporting Brenda Siegel to become our next Lieutenant Governor of Vermont: a decision I came to after researching Brenda’s stand on policies and noting that she embraces similar progressive values as my own.  What I believe distinguishes her from other candidates are her valuable insight and wisdom: qualifications gained through her advocacy background, business ownership and life experiences as a single Mom.

During this global health and economic crisis, Vermonters need representatives who possess a strong moral character and the guts to demand action now.  Representatives who:

  • are aware enough to recognize that we’ve got problems.  Because some have never been impacted themselves, representatives can become comfortable growing into their positions of power.  Brenda knows to look to voices of the disproportionately affected and to bring them to the decision-making table.

  • realize that our problems are multi-factorial, affect many and can stem from a disguised root cause.  Transparency is an integral part of Brenda’s persona; she does the research and doesn’t rely on myths and misinformation put out by potentially corrupt and influential sources.

  • possess a drive and sense of the urgency to act now as opposed to in an incremental way.  As clearly evidenced by Brenda Siegel’s personal strength, her ability to fight and win against adversity. She will resist the prevalent pressures to maintain our status quo.

If we want a responsive state government and a break from the continuation of our current problems (because we didn’t effectively fix them), we must select candidates we can trust, who are adept at all of the above.  We want Brenda fighting for us in Montpelier!

As someone who had experienced medical harm and now advocates for fellow patients, I know we need a candidate with Brenda’s energy, leadership skills and moral compass as our next Lieutenant Governor to help guide us through real change.  Please read more on Brenda’s progressive values (see and her Facebook page), and join me voting this August 11th to help elect Brenda Siegel as Vermont’s next Lt. Governor.   Stay safe and take good care.

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