October Surprise?

The polls so-far don’t look too good for Trump’s re-election.

His ego will not accept a defeat. He WILL go to extreme measures to prevent this.

One extreme measure might be a war.

Trump is already ramping up his hawkish rhetoric and aircraft carriers are moving — we’re left with little choice other than to prepare for an Iran War. (Kate Kizer -info@winwithoutwar.org -09/24/20)

Biden has been ambivalent about war. In a recent speech, he promised to “end the forever wars in Afghanistan and the Middle East” and terminate U.S. involvement in the Yemen civil war.

So far, so good!

However, in 2002, when Biden was chair of the Senate committee on foreign relations, he argued strongly in favor of granting President Bush the authority to invade Iraq. He asserted that he voted for the Iraq War because he was trying to “prevent a war from happening.”


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