Fraudulent Election?

It’s less than 3 weeks to Election Day, and polls indicate that Biden is leading by double digits.

Trump hates to lose, and he is acutely aware of these polls.

In these days before the election, we hear allegations that Trump will attempt to retain power through voter suppression. There is a strategy to suppress voter turnout by purging voters – especially inner-city voters – and to suppress mail-in voting.

Physical polling locations may be limited, especially in urban areas, in an effort to create long lines on Election Day and discourage voting.

Over the last four years the president has consistently claimed that the 2020 election would be “rigged”.

So what do we do if if he loses, and then engages in maneuvers to discredit the results and refuses to comply with the transfer of power come January?

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  • So hard

    Based on past actions, if Trump loses but remains, we tweet very angrily. Perhaps we insult his hair. Maybe we strongly point out that the ACA is in danger if he is allowed to stay.

    Will that be enough? : )

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