Fraudulent Election?

It’s less than 3 weeks to Election Day, and polls indicate that Biden is leading by double digits.

Trump hates to lose, and he is acutely aware of these polls.

In these days before the election, we hear allegations that Trump will attempt to retain power through voter suppression. There is a strategy to suppress voter turnout by purging voters – especially inner-city voters – and to suppress mail-in voting.

Could the 2020 Elections Be More Fair Than Previous Elections? Debate Exclusion

How many Democratic Party candidates for President of the United States of America are now complaining about being excluded from political candidate debates which are partly funded by PBS, which receives federal tax dollars, and therefore should not exclude any candidate from debates?

I want all Democratic Party candidates for President of the United States of America to sit up and pay attention because you know that PBS is constantly asking for viewer donations, and you know that PBS contributes to the manipulation of the criteria for debate participation, so ask yourselves, how many of their donations are from foreigners, and how much influence do the foreigners have in the manipulation of criteria for debate participation? Isn’t that foreign influence in our elections if that is what is going on, even if it is a small part?