Gary Stroud FWD ABC News: Young People Highly Stressed From Government Inaction On Climate

Here is disturbing information to show how serious the climate emergency is for youth, our communities and the world. People should take a hard look at this and take action. Not knowing what to do is not an option. The people need to to take action NOW. Be SAFE. Be well. Be Warned. Leave your thoughts below.

Here is a link to the article:

“Children and young people around the world are experiencing increasing anxiety over the fate of the planet — specifically climate change and how lawmakers are handling the looming crisis, according to new research.

Scientists who surveyed 10,000 young people, ages 16 to 25, across 10 countries, found “widespread psychological distress” among them, and, for the first time, discovered that the anxiety was significantly related to perceived government inaction, according to a study published Tuesday in Lancet Planetary Health.

Nearly half of all young people surveyed, more than 45%, said their feelings about climate change negatively affect their daily life and functioning, according to the study….”


Read the rest at the link.

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