2022 Strategy, In The Race for Federal Offices, It’s the Plurality of the Vote Count, Not the Majority, That Wins!

Plurality vs. Majority of Vote: 2022 Strategy in the Vote Count!

Did you know that U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives to Congress are elected by the plurality of the vote and not the majority?

That means that every time someone says you are wasting your vote by voting for an independent or minor party candidate, that is simply not true.

Plurality of the vote means which candidate gets the MOST votes. Majority of the vote means which candidate gets over 50% of the vote.

So, go ahead and vote for your favorite Libertarian or Independent
or anyone you want to vote for, or write in.

If, for example, the Republican for U.S. Senator got 33% of the vote total
and the Democrat got 33% of the vote total, then an Independent
could get 34% of the vote total and win.

In Vermont we have eight (8) candidates on our election ballot for
U.S. Senator. There are expected to be as many as 440,000 ballots
voted on. 440,000 divided by 8 = 55,000. So, if seven (7) candidates each
got 55,000 votes and one candidate got 55,001 votes then the candidate
with 55,001 votes for U.S. Senator wins the race!

In the race for Representative to U.S. Congress, divide 440,000
possible ballots by 6 candidates = 73,333.33 Now, if five
candidates got 73,333 votes each and one got 73,334 votes,
then the candidate with 73,334 votes wins the race.

Your vote for an independent or minor party candidate is not wasted,
so stop believing the un-truths, and remember, for U.S. Senator
and Representative to U.S. Congress, it’s the MOST votes that wins!

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