Recent News Combined w/ Google Research Proves Politics Just Got a Little Dirtier! Get The Mud Rag Out!

GlobalFoundries secures $30 million in federal funding to develop advanced chips at Essex Junction plant

“GlobalFoundries secured $30 million in federal funding to accelerate development of chips that will allow devices to … power electric vehicles….
U.S. Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt….secured the funding in the Consolidated Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2022.”

We pay our taxes to the I.R.S. and then the U.S. Congress (House & Senate) votes to give our tax dollars away as subsidies to corporations to make products which they will sell internationally and they will keep the profits for themselves even though we paid for their subsidies. Where is our share?

Ms. Cris Ericson, candidate for U.S. Senator,
calls this modern day slavery.

She won’t keep her mouth shut about this
wrongful scheme, and she has been
EXCLUDED from every single candidate debate
for U.S. Senator
with Congressman Peter Welch
and Republican Gerald Malloy.

The Democrats and Republicans don’t want you
to hear the truth. Vote Independent!
Vote your conscience! Be fearless in the
face of modern day slavery!
Saying yes master, I will continue to
vote Republican and Democrat like a
good corporate slave, will get you just that,
more modern day slavery.

Peter Welch accepts thousands in campaign donations from sugar industry PACs

…”Democratic U.S. Rep. Peter Welch, who is running for the U.S. Senate,
has continued to accept sizable campaign contributions from
high-powered industry groups that frequently lobby Congress.”
…’General Electric, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Toyota, Ford, Home Depot …
… padded Welch’s U.S. House campaign account of $2.1 million,
which he carried to his Senate campaign.”

Do any of these industries who support Peter Welch’s political campaign
also receive government subsidies?

google search:

GE has drawn roughly $1.6 billion in federal money since Fiscal Year 2000,
according to a nonprofit’s subsidy tracker Nov 9, 2021

So, would you call GE’s political campaign contribution to Peter Welch
a “kickback”?

GM, Toyota, Ford and Stellantis are EV (electric vehicle) automakers
that are lobbying Congress to extend incentives, also known as
EV subsidies, before the next elections in November,
when Republicans could win both houses of Congress.

Oh, so would you consider the Toyota and Ford political campaign contributions
to Peter Welch “kickbacks”?

Bernard Marcus, co-founder of Home Depot whose net worth is $5.6 billion,
was an angel donors for super PACs. Having an angel investor means your
business doesn’t have to repay the funds because you’re giving
ownership shares in exchange for money.

Huh? What? So, how does that figure in with Home Depot giving Peter Welch
political campaign contributions? Do they think they will own his business,
in other words, his U.S. Senate office, if he wins! God help us and save us
from “angel donors” in politics!

Remember, the bottom line is subsidies to corporations
came out of your paycheck, they are the tax dollars you paid to the I.R.S.
and then the U.S. Congress voted to give your money away to corporations
as subsidies, with no share of corporate profits returned to you. That’s
modern day slavery, that’s what we’ve got to stop. We can no longer allow
the U.S. Congress to drive us deeper and deeper into inflation this way
while making the rich corporate owners even richer, while the poor get

Because Ms. Cris Ericson was excluded from debates with the U.S. Congressman Peter Welch, Democrat, and Republican Gerald Malloy, she filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission to request a review of their laws concerning political candidate debate exclusion. They gave her a “Matter Under Review” number, an M.U.R., and now she just has to wait to see if they will do anything.

Once upon a time a long time ago back at University of Massachusetts, where Cris Ericson graduated with a B.A. degree, she attended a seminar with Ralph Nader speaking. She talked to him afterwards. Years went by, he became a political candidate for President of the United States, and he ended up complaining to the F.E.C., the Federal Election Commission. Apparently he got no where with his complaints. Well, someone’s got to carry on the tradition.

Cris Ericson filed her complaint in September 2022, and then a supplement to the complaint in October 2022. She got a new idea! Oh, she thought, this supplemental complaint is really good! Here’s the idea: When Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos sent out voting Ballots to all Vermont voters in the U.S. Mail, doesn’t that put the Ballots in federal juridsiction? Under State law, or lack thereof, Jim Condos felt comfortable putting a 14 year old boy on the ballot for Governor one time; and he did the same with an alleged 23 year old woman for U.S. Senator, knowing that the U.S. Constitution requires a U.S. Senator to be age 30. IF the Federal Election Commission tolerates whatever laws, or lack of laws, elections are run under in states, what happens if that rubs up against federal mail fraud for aiding vote dilution? huh? Think about it. Vote dilution. The alleged 23 year old is taking votes away from the other candidates who are valid candidates qualified to be sworn in as U.S. Senators.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and fuming at the computer keyboard because she was excluded from all political candidate debates. Thank goodness the F.E.C. at least provides an opportunity to express your digust at the lack of inclusion!

11 CFR 111.5(b). If the complaint is deemed
sufficient, CELA assigns the complaint a Matter Under Review (“MUR”) number,
informs the complainant that the complaint has been received and that the Commission
will notify him or her once the entire matter has been resolved. See 11 CFR 111.5(a)-(b). Until the matter is closed, the Commission is required by law to keep its actions
regarding the MUR confidential. 2 U.S.C. § 437g(a)(12). Confidentiality requirements,
however, do not prevent a complainant or respondent from disclosing the basis of the

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