FTX Funds Helped Balint Campaign?

Federal prosecutors on Tuesday DEC. 13, 2022 charged FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried with multiple counts of fraud, money laundering & campaign finance violations.

Becca Balint, DEMOCRAT won 2022 election for US Congress House of Representatives for Vermont. Her campaign was promoted by money from FTX. Becca Balint received an indirect $1.1 million donation from a 26-year-old executive at crypto exchange FTX.

Did DEMOCRAT Becca Balint win a valid election? Should she resign before she is sworn in Jan. 3, 2022?

If she doesn’t resign then has she permanently tarnished the reputation of Vermont?


This is so clear, that the people who Sam Bankman-Fried allegedly hurt financially with his allegedly corrupt FTX crypto exchange, PAID BY THE USE OF THEIR MONEY TO FUND BECCA BALINT, AND THEY ARE HURTING NOW.

News stories are comparing this to the hurt people suffered by the Bernie Madoff PONZI scheme.

How can Becca Balint possibly feel that she deserves a seat in the U.S. Congress?

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  • A bit more...

    It is alleged that her campaign’s big ad blitz – all those mailers and ads in the primary, were paid for via donations from an FTX employee.

    Balint and Welch both gave their $2900 SBF donations to charity according to VT Digger.

    Here’s the big donation, according to VT Digger:

    “Balint was also the beneficiary of $1.6 million in outside spending from independent expenditure political action committees, which cannot coordinate directly with a campaign. The lion’s share of that sum came from a single $1 million donation from FTX executive Nishad Singh to the Victory Fund, a pro-LGBTQ+ PAC. Balint has previously said she did not know Singh and has noted that, per federal campaign finance law, she had “no control” over the Victory Fund’s spending or fundraising.”


    SBF and FTX gave to Republicans and Democrats heavily, in part to buy favors for regulating their cryptocurrency schemes.

  • Balint

    The more that is revealed the more it looks like Balint and her campaign are not telling all they know.
    She either needs to resign or give back the million plus dollars spent to get her elected. I wonder what Liam Madden thinks about this mess.

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