10 Things The Brattleboro Selectboard Had To Overlook For EMS Decision

I decided to start a list of things the Brattleboro Selectboard chose to overlook in making their EMS decision:

  1. A petition of over 400 resident signatures
  2. 70+ written pro-Rescue comments on the project web site
  3. Public comments against municipal EMS at EMS meetings
  4. Warnings from previous selectboard members and chairs
  5. Multiple requests for mediation by public, and an offer of free mediation
  6. Experience of a BMH nurse who sees what Rescue and BFD deliver to BMH ER and says Rescue is far superior
  7. Any information that regional might be better
  8. Requests to table this issue or delay decision
  9. RTM’s motion to have community process before spending ARPA funds
  10. requests to discuss ARPA funds before spending them

There is probably more to add. And, it isn’t quite something they chose to ignore, but they came to the conclusion that Brattleboro will be better off going it alone with climate change.

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  • Great Summary, Grotke!

    Thank you, Chris, for listing these worrisome concerns.

    In my experience, an open process with inclusive participation and consent of stakeholders in a major decision, results in a good decision, beneficial results, as well as unity and trust. Belief in democracy, is not simply an article of faith: It is grounded in sound governance. “We-know-best” decisions from a self-assured inner circle, are generally doomed to failure.

    Five or so years later, when we are all suffering the consequences, the leaders who screwed things up, conveniently slip away, taking no responsibility.

  • EMS

    I read the 10 reasons. The one I that I would added was 11. The Brattleboro Select Board refusing to accept the fact they dropped the ball and refuse to admit it. The result is that the town of Brattleboro will suffer their collective lack of governance.

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