If He Loses…?

Blog#186- 1/8/24

By Richard Davis

Most people that I know feel old wounds opening as we move closer to the next presidential election. We are starting to experience that same level of anxiety and helplessness we felt when Trump won an election. We are hoping for the best outcome- that Trump gets his ass kicked and that he loses by 10 million votes as he did against Biden the first time.

But the world is a different place now and the complexity of issues surrounding the would-be dictator are mind-boggling. He could end up in jail, but that would not prevent him from taking a seat in the oval office. Most of the rhetoric and fear that is floating in the air has to do with the possibility of Trump winning the election. What might happen if he loses?

It is almost therapeutic to speculate about what would happen if Trump loses the election. A lot of people will feel a major sense of relief and they will hope to get on with their lives in a world no longer dominated by the headlines about Trump.

Even if Trump loses we will still be bombarded with stories about his 91 indictments. He will not go quietly. I suspect he will try to use the same old tactic that the election was rigged even if he loses by a significant margin. He has an army of brain-dead followers who can embrace every lie he spits out as truth and he can get them to do just about anything to prove their loyalty.

A lot of pundits fear that if Trump loses he will call for mass action in the streets that could be even worse than the insurrection three years ago. You have to wonder if his followers will risk serious jail time knowing that there are people who will be in jail for a long time because they followed a megalomaniacal leader.

Then there is the Republican party and the members of Congress who are loyal Trumpers. Will the time finally come to realize that Trump is a big loser? Will they move on and reject a man who threatened to destroy democracy and upset the world order?

Will politicians be able to move past Trump after so many years of him being in the spotlight? Will they come to their senses and realize that they have been responsible for creating too many nightmare scenarios in a country that has soundly rejected Trump?

And what about the media? When Trump first became a national political figure spitting out lie after lie it took the mainstream media a long time to finally call him out and point out his lies. By then a lot of damage had been done and once lies become accepted as truth it is nearly impossible to undo the damage that has been done. The media deserves a lot of blame for helping to create the cult of Trump.

I am asking the media to ignore Trump if he loses the election and cast him aside as just another unworthy loser who tried and failed. If only it could be so, but the media will feel obliged to cover all of the Trump legal circus even if he loses.

Many of us want to live in a world where the name Trump is never mentioned again, except in regard to a prison inmate. That would be satisfying. We may not be able to cast off the shadow of such a despicable human being, but if he loses the election a lot of us will be able to feel as though the good guys prevailed and that may be the best we can do.

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