Cindy Cuthbertson – Write in Town Rep Candidate – District 3

I am posting in support of Cindy Cuthbertson (Write in candidate) for Town Rep 3 year term in District 3.

Cindy and I have lived in Brattleboro since 2002 and on Western Ave in District 3 since 2003. In full disclosure Cindy and I are married, so as they say I have a dog in the fight (and that’s not meant to be a bad English joke). I thnk she would be an excellent rep, she is thoughtful, pays attention to Town matters, (some of it just having to listen to me) she will stand up and talk when she needs to and is concerned about the future of Brattleboro.

I ask you to vote for Cindy Cuthbertson by adding her name to the ballot 3 year Term under Jim Verzino, and then checking the little box.

District 3 is basically everything Down-Town, West of the tracks, North of the Whetstone and East of East orchard Street. (there’s a movie titlle in there somewhere) If you don’t live in district 3, no matter how much you would like to vote for her, it won’t count. Sorry!

Please vote on Tuesday. Thanks Tim Cuthbertson

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  • Make sure she advises Annette

    Make sure she advises Annette that she’s interested.

    • If she is wanting to be a write in and has let Annette know

      I would indeed be interested in knowing if she will be a legitimate choice for this position.

      I am in hopes that there is a list of true write in candidates seeking a position.

      • List of "true" write-in candidates

        Myself & Ms Cuthbertson are the only ones I know of. I advised the Town Clerk, Annette Cappy, of my viability earlier today, and posted my candidacy initially in the “Write-In” thread that Grotke initiated. I am waiting for my “story”–just a re-posting of the aforementioned candidacy, with spelling corrections–to appear as a topic of its own on this site.

        Thanks for your consideration.

        Holland Mills

    • Write in advice!

      Thank you everyone for making sure we are paying attention to the rules!
      Cindy had already chatted with Annette and filed the paperwork prior to letting everyone know that she was running for the position. Tim

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