Please Write-In “George Anthes” for Town Meeting Rep – District 3

I live off Cedar Street, between Crowell Lot and the Harris Hill Ski Jump. Brattleboro’s a special place, and it will require thoughtful representation by its Representative Town Meeting to help the town strike the right balances as we try to keep our economy healthy and vibrant; educate, retain and attract young people; and live up to our values.

Among my priorities for Brattleboro town governance:

  • Encouraging downtown development (I think the addition of the colleges to Brooks House will be great; if possible and cost-effective, I want a solution to the River Garden problem that retains it as a public space). 
  • Sidewalks and crosswalks (more and better marked; with enforcement against property owners who don’t clear their walks, forcing pedestrians into the street). 
  • Favoring renewable energy (wind, solar, hydro). 

Please write-in “George Anthes” for District 3 Town Meeting Rep and fill in the oval next to that write-in space.

Any questions:

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