Statewide Candidates Usually Start Petition Drives After Town Meeting Day March 6th; Is It Too Soon To Look At The Issues?

Statewide Candidates Usually Start Petition Drives After Town Meeting Day March 6th; Is It Too Soon To Look At The Issues?

I have run in the past as a Republican 2006, a Democrat 2016, an independent, and a Marijuana party candidate;  I think I’m mostly Purple, a blend of Red Republican and Blue Democrat.

I will start collecting ballot access petition signatures as an independent for the 2018 general election Nov. 6, 2018 AFTER our Town Meeting Day March 6, 2018 – but I need to get together some sort of Platform now!

As usual, I will collect petition signatures for two offices, one state and one federal, as allowed under Vermont laws. I will run as an independent for governor and for U.S. Congress.

 The reason I run for two offices is that starting 2002, every two years, I have been wrongfully excluded from the majority of debates and forums.

So, I am trying, batting around the issues. The gun control issue is the hardest, of course. And because people are already talking BIG about gun control, I thought I would present my independent Platform, as I have written it so far, now for you to comment on and make suggestions if you would like to.

Once the weather warms up enough that a pen won’t freeze, and after Town Meeting Day March 6, 2018, then I will be busy collecting the ballot access petition signatures, so I have to create some sort of independent candidate petition now. Well, here goes, this is what I have so far:



Rules and regulations inserted into federal and state laws which were written by non-elected government officials, are un-Constitutional because only elected officials can write laws that put you at risk of your life, your property, your freedom and your children.


2 million homeless American citizens have little chance of securing employment to pay for health insurance. Health Care will only cover all Americans if it is NOT insurance based, but instead, paid for by taxes funding clinics and hospitals and prescriptions. We should require all medical schools receiving state and federal funding to require students work for government run free clinics to pay back the taxpayers for their investment in the students’ education.


We must demand taxpayers own 50% of the profits for all prescription drugs for which taxpayers paid for the research, design and development. The government shouldn’t be handing out taxpayer dollars to profit-making corporations without a return on our investment!


Taxpayers pay taxes, then the U.S. Congress votes to give billions of dollars of your taxes to the N.I.H., National Institute of Health, and then the N.I.H. gives millions and millions of your tax dollars to the mega-wealthy pharmaceutical companies for research to create new prescription drugs and medical devices.

The pharmaceutical companies claim the ownership of the Patents for all of the drugs and medical devices they invented using your tax dollars to pay for all of their research, but, under work-made-for-hire Patent Laws, the taxpayers should rightfully own 50% (50 percent) of the profits of all sales of all of the prescription drugs and medical devices sold which were invented using taxpayer dollars.

The N.I.H., National Institute of Health, has co-conspired for years, with the number one crime gang in the world, the United States Senate, to deprive taxpayers of their right to 50% (50 percent) of the profit on all prescription drugs and medical devices that they paid for the research for.

The incumbent U.S. Senators have quietly stood by and profitied from this scam because they get kick-backs in the form of campaign contributions from the PACs, Political Action Committees, of pharmaceutical companies that received funding from the N.I.H. which received the funding from the U.S. Congress which took the money from taxpayers.


STOP DUMPING TREATED SEWAGE INTO LAKE CHAMPLAIN and re-route it to industrial uses and south to the Atlantic Ocean because one-third of Vermonters draw their drinking water from Lake Champlain.

STOP the construction of any NATURAL GAS PIPELINE within 150 miles of Lake Champlain from which one-third of Vermonters draw their drinking water. Natural gas pipelines are in the news nationwide too frequently for explosions and leaks!

STOP DUMPING CHEMICALS TO “TREAT” INVASIVE SPECIES in Lake Champlain from which one-third of Vermonters draw their drinking water. Why should poor and low income Vermonters who can’t afford bottled spring water, be treated like “invasive species”?

OUTLAW MOTORBOATS in Lake Champlain from which one-third of Vermonters draw their drinking water. New York doesn’t allow motor boats in their drinking water reservoirs because drops of oil and gas are harmful to our health!


 If you elect Cris Ericson, she will sponsor a Bill in the U.S. Congress make a public library online with every single text book on every subject for which the copyright has expired so that the public can use these freely. This will create the first really free college education by encouraging people to study text books independently.

Then we need places for independent students to take tests to prove they have learned the knowledge from a text book, such as testing facilities at taxpayer supported colleges.

 We should using education taxdollars to make movie videos for grades K – 12 and for each standard college subject. Because these movie videos would be paid for by taxpayer dollars the American public, would own all rights to these videos, and they could be distributed to every classroom in the United States for each grade level.


Our biggest expense is what is should be, national defense. But, this valid expenditure for our U.S. Military has made some defense contractors mega-multi-millionaire, and even billionaires. That’s the part that makes no common sense, particularly since our war Veterans are lacking a lot of medical and dental treatment, and many are homeless. Taxpayers pay taxes, the U.S. Congress votes to give billions of tax dollars to the Pentagon, then the Pentagon gives millions and millions of your tax dollars to each defense contractor for research and development of new weapons systems and improvements of existing weapons and jets like the F-35 strike fighter jet series, which is designed to be dual capable to carry nuclear weapons, even though you thought that the public decided a long time ago to end nuclear proliferation.

Then guess what happens? Defense contractors which received your taxpayer dollars from the Pentagon which received your taxpayer dollars from the U.S. Congress, then pay (your taxpayer dollars) to their PACs, political action committees, and also millions to their lobbyists, and the PACs give money to your U.S. Congresspersons, and the lobbyists wine and dine your U.S. Congresspersons (House of Representatives and U.S. Senate).

So, your tax dollars have come full circle and lots and lots of them have ended up in the pockets of U.S. Senators and Congressmen and Congresswomen. Does that sound like a money laundering scheme to you?

It certainly sounds like a money laundering scheme to me, and it is costing you so much money that it deepens the National Debt, year after year, lobbyists paid for by defense contractors who got the money from the Pentagon who got it from the U.S. Congress who got the money from you, the taxpayers, are wining and dining your U.S. Senator and Congresspeople on shrimp and the most expensive wines, vodka, and whiskey in Washington, D.C.

We can’t afford this money laundering scheme any more, it has to stop. It isn’t just the Pentagon, it is every group the U.S. Congress votes to give your tax dollars to, whether it be Planned Parenthood which happily kills your grandchildren for profit, or any other group which receives taxpayer dollars and then uses part of those dollars to hire lobbyists to wine and dine the members of the United States Congress, House and Senate, and also uses part of your taxpayer dollars to pay their PACs, political action committees, to give campaign contributions to members of the U.S. Congress.

Your tax dollars go full circle into the pockets and stomachs of your elected representatives, and this is money laundering, and it has to stop.


Low income people who apply for benefits like food stamps and medicaid, must divulge all of their bank accounts and assets under penalty of perjury, so rich people who run non-profit organizations and universities and colleges and defense contractors and highway construction contractors should be held to the same standards as poor people when taxpayers fund their businesses. Any entitity or corporation or non-profit or university or college that receives taxpayer dollars should not pay anyone anyone a salary higher than the equivalent salary paid to a government employee.


The United States Constitution is your gun permit. I will propose a Bill to pay for every single school building to have National Guard Troops, metal detectors and drone surveillance until we can go ten years without one school shooting. Our obligation to our nation’s children is to keep weapons out of schools, not to deprive law abiding citizens of their right to self defense. I think the bottom line is, that many people studied history and found out that the Native American Indians were out-gunned by the European Settlers, and they lost their homelands, and in Africa, people were out-gunned and taken as slaves, and in Germany, Hitler’s soldiers out-gunned the Jews, so the bottom line is, you have the people who have studied history versus the ones who didn’t study it that much, and the ones that did, they think that it is far more cost effective to have metal detectors and National Guard Soldiers at every school building door.


State and federal prison labor, men and women, should be sent to forests with instructors to build log cabins with solar panel roofs for each and every homeless war Veteran, and space them on two acre forest sections for privacy, and give them the homeless Veterans gardening tools, a small barn, a cow, two hogs and some chickens. The U.S. Military Veterans risked their lives for us, now it is time to do something for them.


Our moral obligation is to help war refugees get out of war zones to the closest safe location, and there are many unpopulated areas on planet Earth which could be inhabited. There is no moral obligation to admit them into the United States of America where we already have a problem of 2 million homeless American citizens, which we have to take care of first!


 I think that we have to start at the very beginning to bridge the racial divide, and that means that city and town police officers should only be allowed to work in the zip code that they reside in.

County sherrifs should only be allowed to work in the county they reside in.

White policemen from a different county going to “invade” a neighboring county that has a majority of residents who are not white, is just plain wrong.


 Under-age minors can be tried as adults in criminal courts; so college students should be held liable for their college debts. It is a matter of equal treatment under the law.


Make marijuana legal and lawful under all state and federal laws. It is written on our currency, “In God We Trust” and so that is a contract we must keep. Old Testament, Holy Bible, Genesis, Chapter 1, Verse 29, “God gave us every seed bearing plant.”


The Supreme Court of the United States wrote an Opinion that “corporations” are “persons”. We must require all non-profits and universities be treated the same as persons and reveal their bank accounts, assets and foreign bank accounts under penalty of perjury like persons applying for food stamps or fuel assistance under federal laws. No entity or non-profit receiving federal funding, our tax dollars, should be allowed to pay any employee more than the equivalent pay rate for U.S. Government employees.


Stop the F-35 strike fighter jets from being based in Chittenden County because they are designed to be dual capable to carry nuclear bombs and do not belong in a highly populated citizen neighborhood.

We must demand taxpayers own 50% of the profits of sales of F-35 jets to foreign allies because taxpayers paid for the research and design and development of these Jets and we should not be handing out taxpayer dollars to corporations without getting a return on our investment!


We must allow all certified teachers to be independent contractors and home-school local children at the rate per child that the State, which receives federal funding, claims is the cost of education per child.


We must provide low income recipients of telephone “lifeline” benefits with wifi and broadband to encourage online employment.


We must require a transparent EB-5 program where anyone can post their idea for a new business on the government website in a list that foreigners can read and contact anyone in Vermont who wants to start a new business and needs investment money.

2018 independent candidate Cris Ericson for US Congress and for Governor of Vermont

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