Imperial Dreams

Donald Trump is the smartest man in the world (just ask him!).
And his goal is to become Emperor of Earth (because he’s the only one smart enough to do it).
The bad news is that he’s well on his way.
Welcome to the New – New World Order.
It ain’t gonna be pretty, folks.

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  • Quotation from Michael Moore

    Trump has no intention of ever leaving. Ever.

  • Democrats intend to keep him there

    Democrats (Pelosi) have stated that they have no plans to impeach if they get a majority. We’ve seen this before. Obama didn’t want to ‘look back’ and do anything about Bush or Cheney, either.

    Democrats are also ignoring their strong progressive wing, again. It’s as if they want to lose to Trump in 2020. (They are still floating Biden, for gosh sakes, as a possibility. They have not learned anything from their recent loss.)

    And whether Trump is here or not, our government isn’t working for non-billionaires, or non-corporations. Focusing solely on Trump is a diversion from the real issues. He will be gone someday. What then? We’ll all still be struggling, using dollars worth fractions of what they used to be worth, complying with corporate dictums. Yea! Trump’s gone.

    I’m happy Bush and Cheney are gone but they wrecked the place. Obama didn’t set things straight, he just did more of the same, in a very classy way. Trump is just carrying on the carnage that we’ve been living with since, oh, Reagan. The govt is still spying on citizens. Taxes are still paying for wars. The wealthy have gotten even more wealthy. Climate change is coming full speed. We’re wiping out all of nature.

    And the Democrats bold plan, that they pound like a steady drumbeat, is….???

    Trump is s symptom of a sick society. He isn’t the cause of it. (Though, he may add to it. All presidents like to add to the pile.)

  • Dems vs Repubs

    Any difference between Dems and Repubs is purely illusory. They’re both motivated by bribes (Money is speech!)

    If you want to see any real change in VT, vote Liberty Union!

  • Quote by Chris Hedges

    We must mount independent political movements and form our own parties to sweep the Democratic and Republican elites aside or be complicit in cementing into place a corporate tyranny.

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