Candidates Night: Library Edition – Live Stream

Dear Brattleboro Community,

We are pleased to share this live stream of our program tonight, for any of you who could not make it here in person! BCTV could not make it tonight, so this is all we will have. After it is over, it will stay on our Facebook page, where you will be able to find it under “videos.” Enjoy!

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  • Hop on Pop

    People still trust facebook? Wow. : )

    (Just poking a bit. I “get” that bctv wasn’t available, and we do what we can. It’s better than nothing. But, facebook is as icky as they get, for so many reasons.)

    That said, I LOVE the idea for this event. Getting candidates to talk about books and inspiration is a brilliant idea. It’s rarely done and rather relevant material for discussion.

    I do hope someone mentioned Hop On Pop.

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