Unofficial Brattleboro Primary Results

Good evening,

Please see the attached for the “unofficial results” for Brattleboro Primary Elections. These are the results from the ballot tallies, not including write-in votes, and not including other towns’ results for the State races.

Thank you,


Hilary Francis

Brattleboro Town Clerk

230 Main Street, Suite 108

Brattleboro. VT  05301


Unofficial Results State Primary: August 14, 2018
Party Office Candidate Machine 1
Democratic US Senator Folasade Adeluola 72
    Bernie Sanders 2058
  Rep to Congress Dan Freilich 272
    Benjamin Mitchell 179
    Peter Welch 1613
  Governor James Ehlers 291
    Christine Hallquist 722
    Brenda Siegel 825
    Ethan Sonneborn 92
  Lt Governor David Zuckerman 1831
  State Treasurer Beth Pearce 1681
  Sec of State Jim Condos 1710
  Auditor of Accts Doug Hoffer 1614
  Atty General TJ Donovan 1713
  State Senator Becca Balint 1786
    Wayne Vernon Estey 376
    Jeanette White 1442
  State Rep Emilie Kornheiser 589
    Valerie A Stuart 227
  D2 Mollie S Burke 567
  D3 Tristan Toleno 635
  Probate Judge Jodi P French 1594
  Asst Judge Lamont Barnett 1051
    Patricia W Duff 1597
  State’s Attorney Tracy Kelly Shriver 1715
  Sheriff Keith D Clark 1648
  High Bailiff Mark Anderson 933
    Stefan A Golec 455
Republican US Senator Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente 11
    H. Brooke Paige 47
    Jasdeep Pannu 18
    Lawrence Zupan 53
  Rep to Congress H. Brooke Paige 75
    Anya Tynio 42
  Governor Phil Scott 124
    Keith Stern 58
  Lt Governor Don Turner Jr 143
  State Treasurer H. Brooke Paige 114
  Sec of State H. Brooke Paige 97
  Auditor of Accts H. Brooke Paige 90
  Atty General H. Brooke Paige 88
  D1   919
  D2   680
  D3   799
  TOTAL   2398

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