Why Not Deny A Quorum?

I’m curious. If the Democrats are against the the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, why didn’t they just walk out of the hearing and deny the Republicans a quorum? Sticking around enables the proceedings to continue.

Seems like they shouted for a few moments at the start, then fell right into line, leaving all disruption to regular folks getting arrested every hour.

Sincere question – what do the Democrats want to happen? What will they do if they win Congress in November. I haven’t heard a peep.

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  • How many is a quorum?

    and, even if Democratic Judiciary Committee members can stop the hearings by denying a quorum, can’t the Republican majority vote the change the rules so that a quorum is a simple majority, just as they did with changing the filibuster rules?

  • Quorum

    “1. Seven Members of the Committee, actually present, shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of discussing business. Nine Members of the Committee, including at least two Members of the minority, shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of transacting business. No bill, matter, or nomination shall be ordered reported from the Committee, however, unless a majority of the Committee is actually present at the time such action is taken and a majority of those present support the action taken.

    2. For the purpose of taking down sworn testimony, a quorum of the Committee and each Subcommittee thereof, now or hereafter appointed, shall consist of one Senator.”

    …say their rules.

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