Taxation Without Representation in the November 19th Vote for Brattleboro, Dummerston, Guilford & Putney?

If you believe that you as a tax payer deserve a voice in how much you pay in taxes, I urge you to vote NO on questions 2 and 3 on November 19th’s ballot. (This vote is in Brattleboro, Dummerston, Guilford and Putney.)

Questions 2 and 3 require a town to give approval for grade changes or school closure. This sounds great… but the proposed amendments would give ONE town veto power over all the other voters. All of us pay the taxes.

It’s taxation without representation.

If you believe this is not fair, then vote no on questions 2 and 3.


Jill Stahl Tyler, Brattleboro

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  • Where can we find additional information?

    November 19 vote? I am embarrassed to admit that this is the first I haver heard about this.

    I checked the Town of Brattleboro website, but all I found was information about when and where to vote, but nothing at all about what will be on the ballot.{FFED1EC2-A91E-4068-B082-FDC98D7653D2}

    Is this a special ballot only for those with prior knowledge, but not really or the rest of us? Why have I seen no information about this election? Is it because I am ignorant, or has there actually been publicity that somehow I missed?

    What is question 2 and question 3? So there must also be a question 1? Should I just show up, read the ballot for the first time in the voting booth, and then take my best guess?

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