Kipton Tewksbury is a Representative Town Meeting Candidate for District #2

Kipton Tewksbury

I have been a Town Meeting Rep for the past 3 years for District #2. I have been on 50 Vine Street since 2012. Before that we lived in Marlboro from 1993 – 2011. We lived at 395 Canal Street and on Frost Place since 1980.

I am an active member of Brattleboro Time Trade since 2012. I drive a Senior Meals on Wheels route twice a week in District 2. I was a member of the Human Services Review Committee this year. I have been involved with the Vermont Workers Center’s Health Care for All campaigns as a videographer. I have been a volunteer producer with Brattleboro Community Television since 2012.

I strongly support Brattleboro’s current governance structure of Representative Town Meeting and Select Board with a town manager. Efficiency is not the primary goal of representative democracy, active participation is. We all need to feel heard, even when policies and plans do not go our way.”Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.” according to Winston Churchill.

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