Support for Candidates Oscar Heller and David Schoales

There is an old saying about how, when asked to explain what one means by what one says nine out of ten people will become angry or silent. The one who does not become offended or feel attacked but rather is stimulated and eager for an opportunity to engage and learn would be a person like Oscar Heller, candidate for a one-year Selectboard seat.

The desire and ability to listen and learn is also a strong indicator of self-confidence and thoughtfulness, both of which are very apparent in Mr. Heller. He will bring a particularly strong understanding and voice concerning the most unabated, vexing and critical issue of our time: climate change and all its inseparable aspects. Mr Heller is bright, informed, focussed and determined. His support for our initiatives around broadband is another big ticket item. He understands that what is good for the whole is not always ideal for him, but it is the whole, the community, that takes precedence. He is among the worthiest of candidates we have for Selectboard.

Along with Oscar Heller it is equally important to elect David Schoales, incumbent candidate for the three-year seat. Mr. Schoales has impressive vigor and dynamism. Aided by his dual status as a School Board member Mr. Schoales brings an intimate and deep understanding of the town through our children and educational system as well as the municipal side. Contrary to fears, his current positions on our two most major boards has served him and the citizens well. It has provided Mr. Schoales with an unusually complete picture of the town. Having been a colleague of Mr. Schoales on the School Board I can safely say that he is not one to just show up every two weeks to spew opinions or be the vote the boss can always count on. He is always fully engaged on a personal, organizational and emotional level. He can be relied upon confront innovation and initiatives for change and progress with open eyes.

Both candidates bring through their intelligence, knowledge and experience genuine capacity for leadership. They will neatly compliment the keen managerial skills and broader goals of our Town Manager while keeping an eye over the whole as our skilled and professional workforce attend to our finances and fills our potholes.

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