Cris Ericson Is On The 2020 Progressive Party Primary Election Ballot. Please Watch Her Home Kitchen Video!

Cris Ericson, previously an independent and U.S. Marijuana Party candidate, is now a 2020 Progressive Party candidate for the Vermont primary election August 11, 2020. Absentee ballts are being sent out as early as the last week of this month, June 2020. Candidates have to use new ways to communicate with Vermont voters!

Cris Ericson is also happy to announce that she sees Emily Peyton as a Republican this time, and Boots Wardinski on the 2020 primary election ballot running against Cris Ericson for Governor of Vermont on the Progressive Party 2020 primary election ballot. Good candidates are not defeated because they lose in the past, they just run again! We are like sports teams that lose and lose and never give up and then surprise, surprise, we will win, hopefully in 2020!

Now, here’s the thing: many people complained that the Progressive Party wasted taxpayer dollars by having a primary election ballot in 2018 with NO statewide candidates listed at all! What a waste of printing and paper! Un-ecological to the max! Shame on them! So, guess what? Cris Ericson is running for all seven (7) statewide offices on the Progressive Party primary election ballot for the August 11, 2020 primary election, for which early absentee ballots can go out as early as the last week of this month, June 2020.

O.K., now, here’s the link to Cris Ericson 2020 for Representative to United States Congress, Progressive Party primary election, home kitchen video (made on a small notebook computer – don’t expect Joe Biden Basement Quality):

Thank you for watching!

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