The Narcissist

Narcissist Trump very, very badly wants to be re-elected.
He has the means (wealth) to pull it off via a full-court press.
And he loves dirty tricks.
Ralph Nader says that Trump will “probably defeat himself, if he’s goaded.”
I think Nader’s right!
He suggests opponents create their own Trump-esque nicknames for the president, including “Draft-Dodging Donald,” “Dumb Donald” and “Dangerous Donald”—
I like “Dangerous Donald”

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  • Opportunist

    Like any conman or vampire, Hissy Fitler looks for any way he can play the game to his advantage. At the moment, knowing the virus will keep many from polling places so they’ll vote by mail, he’s doing all he can to ruin our US Postal Service. There are petitions to have the current (Fitler-appointed) toady DeJoy removed.

    When we remove this stain from the WH, there will be years of rebuilding and rectifying all the things his insanity has destroyed and done.

  • rebuilding and rectifying

    Not holding out much hope for that… the bar is sooooo low now.

    I had hoped we’d rebuild and rectify after Bush II, but no. Democrats didn’t want to”look back” and seemed to enjoy the new powers to drone attack, spy on Americans, etc. Didn’t do anything substantial about school shootings, or global warming, or… so, there’s not much precedent. : )

    We NEED years of rebuilding and rectifying, for sure. But that will take people holding politicians accountable. We’ve barely seen protests against Trump or policies in his 4 years – we have BLM and related efforts, but they aren’t really anti-Trump so much as anti the racist system.

    Will anyone go protest Joe Biden’s policies when he inevitably disappoints? Doubtful. We’ll take solace in that “it could be worse” rather than pushing for something much better. It seems like the better world comes from the bottom up, never top down, though…

    I’m expecting a mess of an election – with anomalies and challenges in tiny little places. If there is enough confusion generated, results will be in doubt for some people. About half the country will be pissed off that the other guy won/stole it.

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